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The Difference Between A Vacuum Cleaner and A Sweeping Machine

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The most essential difference between the two is:

1.Vacuum cleaners are expensive, electricity consuming and noisy.

Sweeper economy, power saving, low noise

2.Vacuum cleaner has suction motor, has a fixed suction, clean dust by suction;

Sweeper did not inhale the motor, only the roller brush motor, cleaning mainly rely on the brush clip large particles of dust and then throw into the dust bucket.

Some vacuum cleaners also have roller brush, pneumatic roller brush and electric roller brush two kinds.

3.The vacuum cleaner can absorb tiny particles of dust and have the effect of purifying air, which is suitable for indoor use;

Sweeper can only clean large particles of dust, and easy dust, pollution of the environment, suitable for outdoor use.

The working principle of the vacuum cleaner is that the motor of the vacuum cleaner rotates at a high speed and inhales air from the inlet to generate a certain vacuum in the dust box. The dust enters the filter bagin the dust box through the ground brush, connection pipe, handle, hose and main straw, and the dust is left in the filter bag,

The filtered air enters the motor through a layer of filter. This filter is a protective barrier that prevents the dust bag from rupturing and sucks dust into the motor. The air entering the motor flows out through the motor. Due to the continuous wear of the carbon brush during motor operation, A filter was added before flowing out of the vacuum cleaner.


The sweeper is a wireless machine and is mainly round. Operate with a rechargeable battery, operating in the remote control or on the machine's operator panel. Generally, you can set the time to schedule the cleaning and charge yourself. There is a sensor in front to detect obstacles, such as hitting a wall or other obstacles,Will automatically turn, and according to each different manufacturer settings, and take a different route, there are planned cleaning areas. (Some of the earlier models may lack some functions.) Because of its simple operation function and convenience, it has gradually become popular and become a common household appliance for office workers or modern families.

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