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The Advantages of the Humidifier

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Air Humidifier Wick Filter Replacement for Honeywell Hac-504 Series

For various reasons, a home should have a humidifier, whether used daily or only when needed, to increase the levels of moisture found in the air.Excessive dryness can not only cause long-term health problems, it can also amplify any disease you currently suffer and increase the likelihood of a fire-related disaster.There are some advantages of owning a humidifier, but not limited to:


1.They can alleviate certain conditions such as coughs, dry throat and nose, cracked and dry skin and sinus congestion and headaches.


2.They can moisten the wooden furnishings and internal structures of your home to the appropriate levels to not grow mold but prevent the wood from cracking or splitting.


3.They can aid people who suffer from sleep-related conditions and allow for a better night of sleep. The use of a humidifier in the bedroom has been clinically proven to reduce the level of snoring yourself or your partner does on a nightly basis. This can provide you with a better quality of sleep and replenish lagging energy levels, especially in the dull winter months.


There are a variety of sizes and models of humidifiers on today’s market, that range from in-home systems for very arid climates to small box-shaped items that fit neatly in the corner of a chosen room within your home. That is not only portable but also able to shut on and off by introducing or removing power from an electrical outlet to your appliance.


It is crucial to remember to use a humidifier as instructed, as too much moisture in the air can lead to severe health problems or even threaten the internal structure of your home by aiding in the growth of mites and mold.


Should We Use Humidifier Without Filter?

You’re probably asking yourself ‘do you have to use a filter’? Like any other major household appliance, there is always maintenance involved in ensure your investment is working at top level. Humidifiers can run into the hundreds of dollars the more technical and bigger you need, so it is in your best interest to maintain your humidifier as per the detailed instructions. Most humidifiers do not require yearly or bi-yearly maintenance treatments, but it is always important to confirm this if you have a warranty policy on your humidifier.

Most humidifiers, especially the evaporative cool mist models, need filters and run with an intricate filtration system, which filters the air coming out of the machine to control the levels of moisture being added to the immediate atmosphere. Without these filters, a humidifier could add higher than needed levels of moisture in the air to the machine, leaving the air quality extremely humid.

Too-humid air within your home can lead to the growth of mold, which can threaten the strength and shape wooden materials in your home, allowing them to be more to collapse. It can also be damaging to the human body, as it can aid in respiratory problems and increase the symptoms of skin conditions. These wet levels will create an entirely different set of health issues that a lack of moisture does not, so a humidifier could be necessity to maintain the perfect balance needed in air quality in a home.


Some models of humidifiers does not use a filter during operation but they should be equipped with a water-purification system that stops dirty, moist air from being released into your home. It is important to consult with the manufacturer of your humidifier to determine if and when the filter in your system should be replace.


These filters not only help the machine add the correct levels of moisture in the air but can also act as an air purifier if you add drops of a scented essential oil to the water. Filters can generally be washed in soapy and warm water for maintenance and then reinserted into the humidifier to begin removing irritants from your home all the sooner. Check with your instruction booklet to determine how often to clean and eventually replace the filter that comes with your chosen model of humidifier.


Cleaning Your Humidifier

There is generally little maintenance or repairs that need to be done with a humidifier, but it is always important to check over the machine before use. Cleaning a humidifier is easy enough, too. Ensure that the water compartment is empty and use a disinfecting cleaner to wipe each corner and crevice free of potential built-up mold.


Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and debris from the exhaust ports of your humidifier, which can become clogged over time and emit particles into the moistened air. If dust, debris and allergens are all exhaust ports of your appliance, they can attach themselves to the walls and linens of your home due to the increased levels of condensation.


If you use the mild soap and warm water to wash the filter in your humidifier to remove any dust or debris, it could clog the filter. And it not only allows the mites to be released into the air, but also cause the machine and production to work overtime on a higher level of moisture than expected. If this happens frequently in your humidifier, it becomes a source of stimulation and an expensive item to replace or you may have to purchase a dehumidifier to balance the the humidity in your home.

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