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Method of Cleaning Filter Element

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Filter element filter cleaning must be done.Because in the process of cleaning cartridge filter noticed that some of the details, can make a more complete and thorough cleaning, can let the cartridge filter in a long time to maintain in good condition, can let the cartridge filter filtration efficiency and filtration effect is better, also can let the stability of the cartridge filter is better.


But how do you clean the filter element?You can start from the following aspects.


1. Pay attention to regular cleaning


In the process of filter element cleaning, regular cleaning is very important.Many people think that the filter element should be cleaned only when the equipment is no longer working properly. In fact, this idea is very wrong.


If the filter element filter can not operate normally, it must be sudden, it is easy to delay other normal work.On the other hand, if the filter element filter cannot work normally, it means that some parts of the filter element filter have been damaged, which will shorten the service life of the filter element filter and affect the use stability of the filter element filter in the later stage.


It is suggested that everyone should know about the filter element before cleaning it.Also on their own filtering work to determine, know the need to which - a point in time, the filter to clean the filter, in order to let the filter filter to maintain a stable filter.At the same time, it can prepare other work in advance so as to avoid sudden downtime affecting the overall production.


2. Cleaning should be done in the right detail


When cleaning the filter element filter, details are very important. We should know what cleaning needs to be done for each part, what taboos should not be done in the cleaning process, and what problems should be paid attention to in the installation and disassembly process.


If you do not pay attention to the details of the filter core filter cleaning, may lead to incomplete cleaning, even after cleaning the equipment, the equipment is difficult to operate normally, not to mention a long period of stable filtering work.


Cleaning cartridge filter, it is important to note that clean on a regular basis and in the process of cleaning notice details, know how to do to make when cleaning cleaning effect is better, know how to do to keep cleaning effect for longer and know how to let the cartridge filter is more stable in the later work, work better.

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