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Is the Sweeping Robot Working?

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It is not for nothing that sweeping robots have been called "sweeper irritating".How to choose a suitable for their needs of the sweeper, how to use the sweeper correctly, correctly master the sweeper cleaning logic, if not to solve the above problems, in the use of the sweeper robot, we will feel a variety of different from the expected feelings.

The first thing we want to make clear is the use of the requirements: whether the use of a sweeping robot can never have to clean up by themselves?The user who dreams of buying a sweeper robot can throw out garbage at will once and for all, at least in the current situation of limited capacity of the sweeper dust box, the wish is impossible to achieve.The greatest use of the robot is to use the time people are not at home for several light cleaning, dust and debris will be collected, greatly reduce the frequency of daily cleaning, only occasionally deep cleaning.So when we choose a robot, we should pay attention to its cleaning method, operation convenience, intelligence and appearance.


The cleaning method of the sweeping robot is determined by the algorithm. Early sweeping machines often use collision exploration in the face of chaotic environment, which not only leads to low cleaning efficiency, but also easily falls into the embarrassing situation that cannot be got out.These impingent robots have gradually faded out of the market, while the sweeper using positioning systems such as SLAM has become the mainstream.Repeated, regular cleaning to cover the household cleaning environment, positioning system and detection system double blessing robot work efficiency greatly improved.

The degree of intelligence also determines the efficiency and humanization of a robot in cleaning.Depending on the positioning system and navigation system, camera and other technologies, the excellent performance of the sweeper can accurately determine the indoor environment and the most reasonable cleaning route.In addition, the choice of products on the market has been popular choice and good reviews, can also reduce the chance of choosing a machine to make people feel bad.

In addition, because the vacuuming mouth of the sweeping robot is not large, the books and clothes piled on the ground and other sundries should be promptly cleaned, so that when the sweeper works can be cleaned more clean.I'd say it might also help people break the habit of throwing clothes around.


Many people have a problem with the noise sweeper makes while it's working, but the noise reduction capability of a high-suction sweeper is limited by existing technologies.Large suction noise, working area can not walk back and forth, regular cleaning Settings...You may have noticed that the characteristics of the sweeper suggest that a situation in which someone is in the room may not be the best time for the sweeper to work.It's a familiar situation for every office worker: waking up to the alarm clock, getting dressed and eating breakfast, only to find there's no time to clean;After a hard day's work, I came back home with a tired body and suddenly found that the house had not been cleaned.But you may have to work overtime, or you may just want to take a break, and as for the little things like cleaning, tomorrow and tomorrow.And the noise that makes when using sweeper, let a person cannot help but hold a vacuum cleaner to begin by oneself.


But with the right way to use the sweeper, it's a whole different story: when you leave the house, the robot busies itself doing a lot of repetitive work until it finishes the specified cleaning route and number of times.By the time you get home, the house is in perfect order.


While sweeping robot market penetration in China is not enough, but with the improvement of people's living quality and technology level, the idea of consumers will changes over time, you will be more and more inclined to accept with the concept of sweeping robot to replace manual work, the demand for science and technology will gradually increase, sweeping robot will gradually accepted by people.Master the correct use of the sweeper, pick up the clothes and debris scattered around, after home harvest clean clean home is also a happy thing.

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