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Introduction to iRobot I7 Sweeping Robot

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Intelligent planning technology

Intelligent learning of the home environment, optimizing the cleaning path of the whole house to achieve effective cleaning

Map memory intelligent navigation, free planning and regular area cleaning

Store and plan the cleaning route from living room to kitchen, and choose the cleaning time and room

Multiple mode intelligent switch

Obstacle over mode, breakpoint endurance mode, virtual wall mode, Fall-proof mode.

Breakpoint endurance auto recharge

The machine will automatically recognize the position of charging base and return to charge. When the power is full, the machine will return to finish the unfinished task last time.

Advanced triple cleaning system

Replacement Filter Parts for Irobots Roombas I7 I7+/I7 Plus E5 E6 E7 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Accessories

Pick up,Suction clean,Filter cleaning

Leave nowhere to hide dust, dirt and pet hair

Side brush sweeps away dust and debris from the edges and angles of the walls

Upgrade the combination of glue brush, so that cleaning twice the result with half the effort

Two glue brushes work together, one is responsible for removing dirt, the other is responsible for sweeping dirt, to achieve cleaning

The evolution of iRobot's rolling brush

Bristle Main Brush for Irobots Roombas 500 & 600 Series Robot Vacuum Cleaner Accessories Replacement Parts Replacement Main Brush for Irobots Roombas 800 / 900 Series 860 870 880 980 Robot Vacuum Cleaners Accessories Replacement Accessories Green Rubber Main Brush for iRobots Roombas i7 i7+/i7 Plus E5 E6 E7

Great suction, great aerodynamic force

Significantly improved dust collection efficiency compared to the Roomba 600 AeroVac system

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