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Humidifier Purchase Tips

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1.Humidifying area

The humidifier has a rated humidification capacity, which refers to the number of milliliters of water that can be atomized per hour. The humidifier or the manual also indicates its suitable humidification area.Generally speaking, 200ml/h humidifier is suitable for room size of 25-30㎡.If you see that the rated humidification of some brands is 300ml/h, the applicable range is 50m2, then you don't need to consider that product, please turn around and leave immediately.

2.Enclosure and noise

The plastic used in the outer casing of the humidifier product is also very important.In order to reduce the cost of products, some manufacturers use secondary processed plastics, which are of poor quality and have pollution problems.As a humidifier for improving indoor air quality, it is contrary to the original intention of the product to use the seriously polluted plastics, and the harm degree may be far greater than the positive effect of the product itself.

When the humidifier is running, it will produce a certain amount of noise. The noise itself is also a kind of auditory pollution. If the noise is too loud, it will affect the normal sleep and rest.High quality humidifier, the noise will be correspondingly lower.Comparison can be made on trial at the time of purchase.Generally speaking, 30-50db is a relatively quiet normal environment. The noise suitable for resting and working environment can be slightly higher than this, but it should not exceed 55dB.

Type of humidifier

1.Ultrasonic humidifier

Using the principle of oscillation, water is atomized by high oscillation crystal to humidify.If ordinary water is used, the water mist emitted by the humidifier contains impurities. After evaporation, the impurities are easy to spread and form white powder on the surface of the object, which will affect the indoor air environment.Children and the elderly at home, because the resistance is low, breathing more white fog, easy to affect the health of the lungs, so it is recommended to add pure water.


Advantages: high humidification, low power consumption, long life.

Disadvantages: bad water will produce "white powder" now, humidification process will produce radiation, mother-to-be to pay attention to it!


2.Hot steam humidifier

The water in the hot steam humidifier is treated with high temperature and has a moisturizing effect on the skin. Because of the high temperature treatment, the sprayed mist will contain less impurities.


Advantages: There is no water quality requirement, the humidification amount is large, and it is easy to operate.

Disadvantages: The power consumption is relatively large, the heating parts are easy to scale, and the service life is short.


3.Pure humidifier

The humidification principle of the pure type humidifier is the use of molecular sieve filtration technology, which can effectively filter and purify impurities in the water, the spray of water mist is pure water, the use of ordinary water will not produce "white powder" phenomenon.


Advantage: the water quality is cleaner, and not easy to condense scale.
Disadvantages: because it is fog-free humidification, so the humidification efficiency is not as fast as the first two, the price is generally higher.

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