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How to clean your vacuum filter?(2)

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How to clean the foam filter


Foam filters are very easy to catch dust, so a bagless or can vacuum is always accompanied by a foam filter.When you open the jar, you'll most likely see a layer of foam with air flowing through it.To clean the foam filter, dip it in water, squeeze it, let the dirt out of the foam, let it air dry, and then put it back in the vacuum cleaner.If you want to make your room smell good the next time you vacuum, add a few drops of essential oils to the foam - tea tree, lemongrass, peppermint and eucalyptus are some of the antibacterial oils.

Like foam filters, if your vacuum cleaner has reusable disc filters, you should clean them regularly to ensure good air flow.These filters are similar to reusable coffee filters and use installed hardware connections;We put them on a big workbench vacuum, but you won't necessarily find them on a regular household vacuum.


How do I clean a vacuum bag


If you have an upright vacuum with a bag, the bag is either disposable or designed to be reusable.It is very important to replace or clean the vacuum bag because it is necessary to keep the motor in good condition;When full, the motor must work harder to operate the equipment.Disposable filter bags should be replaced before they are fully filled, and they require little maintenance compared to other filters.

If a bag is reusable, you should dump it into a large trash can, which can hold dust.Dab both sides of the reusable bag to make sure all dust has been removed. For best results, use a second vacuum cleaner to remove dust from the inside and outside of the bag.Make it "like new" every time you clean it.

How to clean cartridge filters (those round, pleated things)


Our handheld vacuum cleaners and some of our heavy-duty store vacuum cleaners use filter cartridges.These filters are usually cylinders made from pleated paper or synthetic materials and are technically disposable, but if cleaned regularly they can last a long time (believe me, a long time).Removing dust from the cartridge filter helps improve the ability of air to pass through.


First, remove the cartridge from the vacuum.Then, without damaging his strength, tap the cartridge against the trash to loosen the splinter between the folds.If it takes a long time, you may be able to shake the filter and continue to see sediment falling into the trash.When it looks clean, you can put it in a vacuum cleaner.Like using a reusable bag, your goal is to make the product "feel like new" every time you clean it.


How to clean the hepa filter


No!Remember that hepa filters are made of tightly woven fibers, and cleaning or scrubbing them may affect the state of the fibers, making them less efficient at cleaning more than 99% of the microscopic particles.When you notice that your hepa filter is dirty, be sure to buy a new one at the store.


Here are some other tips for keeping the vacuums clean:


Before use, sprinkle a little homemade carpet cleaner on the floor.Adding antibacterial oils - such as the aforementioned peppermint/tea tree/eucalyptus/citronella oils - serves a dual purpose and adds a fresh scent to the air.


Don't forget to clean the roller brush of your hand-pushed vacuum cleaner.Rollers that are coated with hair or pet fur are less effective.


Trapezoid pet owner: if you're looking for the perfect vacuum cleaner, forget it.Read this article to see which vacuum cleaners are best equipped to pick up animal fur while maintaining air quality.


Remember to clean the long hose or straw of the vacuum cleaner, as larger debris can clog the vacuum cleaner.

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