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How to clean the motorcycle filter element?

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  The air filter is the motorcycle's breathing system. If the air filter is blocked by dust, the intake resistance will become large, will make the engine output power decline, fuel consumption increases, the motorcycle sponge air filter how to clean and maintain?

Motorcycle air filter with dry type and wet type two kinds, dry paper filter cannot be cleaned, if too dirty or through grey must be replaced, wet sponge foam filter or to clean, with incombustible detergent cleaning, such as general laundry detergent class can, but don't wash with gasoline kind thing, if wash with gasoline, can make the filter, filtering effect. After cleaning the filter element to dry, and then in the inlet direction of the side coated with a little clean oil, to increase the filtering effect, pay attention to not coated too much, a thin layer is ok.

Motorcycle FilterMotorcycle Filter

  1. Loosen the screw of the air filter shell cover and remove the air filter shell cover.

  2. unscrew the filter element fixed hook, remove the filter element and support frame, and separate the two.

  3. Pour the gasoline or cleaning agent into the cleaning basin, immerse the filter element in the cleaning solution and gently pinch and wash.

  4. Squeeze the washed filter element with two palms, squeeze out all the dirty cleaning liquid, and twist the filter element without hand, so as not to crack the filter element. When cleaning, we should carefully see whether the filter element is broken or cracked, if there is damage, we should replace the new parts.

  5. if the filter element and support frame are fixed together. It can be soaked in cleaning solution for 10-15 minutes, remove the cleaning solution to shake.

  6. Drop a few drops of gasoline engine lubricating oil on the surface of the cleaned filter element to make it slightly oily and wet.

  7. clean the air filter shell with a clean cloth, and then install the filter element on the support frame, and then install it in the opposite order when removing it. The installation position is correct, otherwise the air filter will not filter the function.

  If the filter paper has been ash through or the filter paper is wet with oil, water and so on, it should be replaced with new filter paper. If it is a foam sponge wet filter element, you can use water with non-flammable detergent (do not use gasoline cleaning) to wash the stains, and then dry and apply a little cleaning oil on the intake side, with gasoline washing will make the filter element expansion, affect the filtering effect. After cleaning the air filter, the filter element can be evenly sprayed with a little oil, which can not only increase the filtration, but also make the parts where the gas goes more lubrication (especially the carburetor plunger).

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