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How to clean humidifier filter?(2)

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Air Humidifer Wick Filter Replacement for Honeywell Hac-504 Series

With frequent use of winter humidifiers, mold and mineral deposits can build up inside the appliance, potentially reintroducing harmful substances into the air.If you rely on a humidifier to keep your living space comfortable, you should get into the habit of regularly cleaning and disinfecting removable filters.This can be done with some fresh water, some vinegar or a few drops of bleach if you find yourself with a particularly severe mold problem.


Sterilize the filter with bleach

Put a few gallons of warm water in a sink or bucket.Because you're using bleach, you need more water.Make sure nothing in your work area could be damaged by a leaking bleach.Bleach will be used to clean humidifier filters for mold or mildew.Avoid hot water as steam can cause the release of bleaching gases.


Just one teaspoon of bleach per gallon of water.This dilutes the bleach sufficiently so that it can be used as an effective and harmless cleanser.Be careful not to overdo it - too much bleach may go straight through the plastic filter.When handling bleach, wear gloves and work in a well-ventilated area.If possible, wear a mask and eye mask to keep exposed skin away from bleach solutions.


Dip the dirty filter into the solution, making sure it's completely submerged.Bleach has strong cleaning and bactericidal properties, so do not need to scrub.After a short soak, your humidifier filter will look as good as new.If mold, mold, or mineral deposits form after the first soak, remix a new batch of solution and soak the filter for another 10 minutes.

Carefully remove the now-cleaned filter from the bleach solution and rinse with warm water.Slowly turn the filter and align it with the water flow, allowing it to flow through the filter from all angles.This will ensure it comes out free of mold and bleach.Wait for the air to dry out the filter, then return it to the humidifier.


You can also make sure the filter has been thoroughly rinsed before rinsing it in a puddle of water.


It is very important to wash away all remaining bleach, otherwise it will be released into the air when you use the humidifier again.

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