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How to clean humidifier filter?(1)

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Air Humidifer Wick Filter Replacement for Honeywell Hac-504 Series

Cold, dry air during the winter months can cause cracked skin, increasing the risk of respiratory problems.However, with frequent use, mold and mineral deposits may begin to build up on the internal parts of the appliance, potentially reintroducing hazardous substances into the air.If you rely on a humidifier to keep your living space comfortable, you should get into the habit of regularly cleaning and disinfecting removable filters.This can be done with some fresh water, some vinegar or a few drops of bleach if you find yourself with a particularly severe mold problem.


Flush Reusable Filters

Take out the dirty filter.Detachable air filters can usually be installed in the motor housing of the humidifier.Remove the host housing and slide out the old filter.Check the filter to see what level of cleaning is required.


A filter with light dust can be cleaned.If mold or minerals build up too much, you may need to use vinegar or bleach instead.


Disposable paper filters can be simply thrown away and replaced.


Rinse the strainer with cold water.Rotate the filter under the stream to remove any dust or dirt.Use a soft bristle brush or fingertip to gently brush away the sticky debris, but be careful not to apply too much pressure to the mesh.Once the filter looks clean, shake off excess water.


You should only flush your humidifier filter with fresh water.


Let the filter dry completely.When it comes to drying a clean filter, air drying is the safest option.Trying to speed up the drying process with another tool, such as a hair dryer, can cause permanent damage.Place the strainer on an absorbent towel and check again 1-2 hours later.


Mold needs water to thrive.Rehumidifier with clean water and a dry filter will prevent mold from returning.


Once the filter is dry, you can reassemble it and start using a humidifier.

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