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How often should you change the filter of the humidifier?

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Humidifier Pads Filter for Honeywell Replaces Part # HC22P and HC221001

A humidifier can add water to the air in your home, making it easier to breathe.These devices contain coils similar to air conditioning and are self-contained units that require a power outlet.The humidifier also requires you to manually add water to the device to run.A humidifier, like an air conditioner, contains a filter that prevents dust, mold and mineral debris from being expelled by the machine.


Filter change

Replace the humidifier filter every three months.If you use a humidifier every day, change the filter every two months.The filter is coated to slow down the growth of mold but not to repel it.Failure to replace the humidifier filter can result in excessive dust and debris being released into the air and mold growing on the filter surface and inside the equipment.

If your humidifier contains a mineral absorption pad, replace it every two to three weeks to prevent mineral deposits from being expelled.


Hard water problem

If you live in a place with hard water, change the filter of your humidifier every month because the water is high in mineral salts.If you don't change the filter often, mineral deposits can clog the filter faster, creating a lot of white dust.


Buy a replacement filter

Before attempting to purchase a filter, determine the name and type of the humidifier (usually on the back of the device).Also, consider purchasing multiple replacement filters.Replacement filters are available in hardware, home decor and retail supermarkets, as well as directly from your humidifier manufacturer.


Close and disconnect

When you turn off the humidifier for a while or disconnect it, remove its filter, replace it with a new one, and empty the device's water tank.Then clean the humidifier according to the instructions in your equipment manual and store it in a closet or other place.Don't put old filters or water in a humidifier -- mold will grow on the filter and the water will stink.



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