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How often do you need to clean your Roomba?

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Dirt and dust can get stuck to robotic vacuum cleaner filtersafter they have been used for a while. When this dirt and dust builds up, it can prevent your Roomba from working properly. So it can never clean your floor more efficiently.  Many people think cleaning robotic vacuum cleaner filter is difficult, but cleaning the Roomba filter is easy. All you need to do is follow our simple guide to solve your problems.

Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner filters

       1.   Empty your Roomba of time

How you empty the Roomba depends on the model of vacuum cleaner you own.  While the old Roomba required you to manually empty the trash more often, the new Roomba has a self-emptying base that should last longer. 

     2.   Tips for cleaning up the Roomba  

Please empty the trash bin after each use . IRobot recommends that you clean your trash with a standard Roomba vacuum after every use. 

3.   A way to empty the old Roomba 

Empty the trash cans of old Roombas. Press the clean button on the top of the Roomba , Remove the bin and open it. Depending on your Roomba model, there may be a filter that you'll have to separate before emptying the trash. Tap the bin a few times over the bin to remove dust, dirt and debris that has accumulated during the cleaning process. Clean the strainer and place it back in the tank, then reconnect the container to the rest of the vacuum. Clean its filter and put it back in the tank, then reconnect its container to the rest of the vacuum. 

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