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How To Choose Liquid Filter Bags

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 How To Choose Liquid Filter Bags

Liquid filter bag is a kind of equipment for filtering, separating or capturing solid particles or liquids, which is widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, food, environmental protection and other industries. How to choose the right liquid filter bag? The following are some suggestions and precautions for liquid filter bag selection, for reference only.

Non-woven Solid-liquid Separation Industrial Filter Bag


Determine the filtration accuracy of the filter bag. Different liquid filter bags have different filtration accuracy, according to the need to determine the size of the particles that need to be filtered, select the corresponding filter bag model.

Determine the filter bag material and tolerance range. There are many kinds of liquid filter bag materials, such as polyester, nylon, polypropylene, etc., to choose the material that suits your needs, and you need to understand the tolerance range of the filter bag to avoid damage or leakage caused by improper selection of materials.

Non-woven Bag Filter For Precision Clean Room
Manufacturers Supply F7 Medium Effect Organ One-piece Dust Bag Non-woven Solid-liquid Separation Industrial Filter Bag

Determine the filter bag flow rate. The flow rate of liquid filter bag is affected by many factors, such as the aperture, length, diameter of the filter bag, etc., and the appropriate filter bag model and specification should be selected according to the actual needs.

Determine the brand and manufacturer of the filter bag. The quality and reputation of liquid filter bag brands and manufacturers are also one of the important factors in the choice, to choose a good reputation, advanced production technology brands and manufacturers to ensure product quality and after-sales service.

Liquid Filter Bag
Liquid Filter Bag

Determine the applicable environment and filtration method of the filter bag. The applicable environment and filtration method of the liquid filter bag also need to be taken into account, such as the temperature tolerance of the filter bag, the applicable pressure, the applicable media and so on.

In the selection, it is necessary to understand the filtration accuracy of the filter bag, the material and tolerance range, the flow rate, the brand and the manufacturer, the applicable environment and the filtration method, etc., in order to choose the suitable liquid filter bag for yourself.

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