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How Often do the Accessories of Xiaomi's Sweeping Robot Change

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Depending on the frequency of use and the home environment, the replacement cycle may not be the same.General side brush in 3-6 months or so need to replace, the main brush 6-12 months or so need to replace, filter mesh 3 months or so need to replace

Routine Maintenance Q&A 

Q: How often is mijia sweeping robot maintained?

A: Under the frequency of cleaning once A day, maintenance of ordinary home environment is recommended once A week or less;For homes larger than 150 square meters or with pets, it is recommended to maintain them every 3 days or less.


Q: Is it necessary to change the consumables in the smart home?

A: Side brush, main brush and HEPA filter replacement tips is based on the obtained under normal use, suitable for most ordinary users, we recommend that you regularly replacement material to keep the best cleaning ability, if side brush, brush is not damaged or mesh can still normal use, can be on the phone A client choose to continue to use after reset.


Q: Can the edge brush, main brush and dust box of Mijia sweeping robot be washed?

A: The side brush, the main brush and the dust box can all be washed with water. After washing, please pay attention to dry thoroughly before putting them back into use.Please note that remove the strainer before the water washing box. Washing the HEPA strainer will cause blockage and decrease the filtration performance.


Q: Can the filter screen of Mijia sweeping robot be washed?Why is that?
A: The filter screen is composed of high molecular fiber. In order to filter the tiny dust filter through the aperture is very small, only micron level. If the water is washed, the filter will not be ventilated due to fiber deformation and dust blockage,The cleaning ability will decrease obviously, so do not wash the filter.

Q: What if the edge brush of the sweeping robot is deformed?

A: Please soak it in hot water at 60-70 degrees for about 10 seconds to recover.


Q: What if the master brush of Mijia's sweeping robot gets tangled in his hair?
A: Please use the attached main brush cleaning tool to clean. If part of the hair or wiring harness is too tightly wound, use scissors to clean. Be careful not to damage the rubber and hair bundle on the main brush during cleaning.


Q: What if the left wheel/right wheel of mijia sweeping robot is entangled in the line?

A: Please turn the wheel slowly in the opposite direction while A hand holds the line and pulls it out slowly. Do not use A strong pull line, otherwise it will get stuck or break inside.


Q: What if the sound of Mijia's sweeping robot suddenly becomes louder when it is cleaning?
A: Please pause the main engine.
Check: 1. Whether there is foreign body at the bottom of the main engine
2. Remove the main brush and check whether there is any foreign matter on the inner wall of the main brush module or the inlet of the suction hose
3. Check the main wheel for foreign body entanglement
4. Check whether there is foreign body wound in the side brush
5. Check the universal wheel for foreign body entanglement
6. Check the black anti-wear adhesive pad of the main brush cover for foreign bodies
7. Is there any foreign matter stuck on the scraper of the main brush cover
8. The lighter particles inhaled in the dust box may also cause noise when blown by the air flow. Please dump the dust box for solution.

Q: Can the host/charging seat of mijia sweeping robot be wiped with a damp cloth?

A: If the foreign matter cannot be wiped off with the dry cloth, you can first turn off/power off and carefully wipe with A wet cloth. But after wiping, please use A dry cloth to clean the water stain before charging or using it.


Q: How often do the edge brush, main brush and filter screen of Mijia sweeping robot change?

A: The replacement cycle may not be the same depending on the frequency of use and the home environment.Generally, the side brush needs to be replaced in 3-6 months, the main brush needs to be replaced in 6-12 months, and the filter screen needs to be replaced in 3 months. It can also be replaced through the consumables prompt on the mobile phone client.


Q: How to remove the strainer of Mijia sweeping robot and clean it?
A: Please hold the left strainer buckle position and rotate it vigorously to remove the strainer.After removing the strainer, vacuum cleaner or brush can be used to clean it.

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