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HVAC filter

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Central air conditioning is a very comprehensive household air conditioning equipment. It has a good function of adjusting the indoor temperature. But for pursuit of comfort of family life, in addition to the suitable indoor temperature, indoor health is also very important. To this end, many central air conditioning will be installed air filter which can guarantee into indoor air clean.

Usually, there are prefilter, medium efficiency filter and HEPA filter.


Prefilter is the most common type of HVAC filter. It can filter some large particle of dust. The advantage of prefilter is low cost, low resistance and high air flow. And it is very easy to be replaced.

Medium efficiency filter

Medium efficiency filter is usually made by glass fiber material and synthetic fiber material. The filter type is pocket filter or box filter. Compared with the prefilter, the filtering effect is much better, can filter out the small particles of dust. This type of filter has high efficiency, low resistance and high dust capacity.

HEPA filter

    HEPA filter is high efficiency particulate air filter. The filter is made by the filter paper which can filter 0.3 micron dust. The filtering effect is much higher than the other two filters. The filter type is V-bank filter or deep pleat filter. Every HEPA filter should tested carefully when completed. And the service life is long.

HVAC Filter HEPA FilterHVAC Filter HEPA Filter

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