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Four different types of automotive filters and their importance(2)

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The oil filter

Entering the liquid portion of the vehicle, the oil filter and fuel filter are designed to be more comprehensive, but essentially do the same thing.However, oil filters are far more important to engine life than air filters and have a greater impact on vehicle performance.


Inside the engine, many parts work together.Thus, normal wear and tear includes small amounts of metal debris that can build up and block the flow of parts to the oil sump.When the oil is recycled, metal debris can follow, which can damage the engine.Since the oil is there to keep the engine cool and work as effortlessly as possible, it's important to remove the shavings - that's what the oil filter does.


Although filters have been developed for a long time, it is still important to replace them regularly.Unlike air filters, oil change filters have a general rule of changing the filter each time the oil is changed.


Fuel filter

The next filter is the fuel filter, which is the only filter on this list that has two different functions.Depending on the type of fuel used - oil or diesel - the fuel filter will act differently.For a gasoline engine, a fuel filter removes any impurities from the fuel you just put in the car.Because oil is an organic resource, like conventional engine oil, it contains some impurities.But don't worry, the impurities in traditional oil and gasoline aren't harmful to your engine.


For diesel engines, fuel filters are used in very different ways.While they all contribute to the overall performance and life of the engine, diesel engines are designed to prevent corrosion of the parts within the engine and remove any water.Since diesel is lighter than water, the filter is a bowl-shaped design that collects water from the bottom.A drain plug can then be removed at the bottom to drain the water until there is only diesel left.Getting water into the engine or fuel system can cause serious problems, so if you're driving a diesel, be aware of that.


The point is: don't ignore them

If there's one lesson to be learned, it's not to ignore your filters.Even if you don't know how to maintain or replace these four filters, you should at least take the time to make sure they are installed in your favorite garage or service center for regular car repairs.If you don't, you run a serious risk of damaging your car in more than one way.By consulting the owner's manual of your vehicle and scheduling daily maintenance, as recommended by the automaker, you will ensure that your motor filters are in optimal condition for optimal performance on the road and after driving.

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