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Four different types of automotive filters and their importance(1)

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Whether you are driving your car in the quiet countryside or challenging it in the hustle and bustle of the city, the role of car filters in your car and its key components cannot be ignored.Driving arouses irritating and potentially dangerous airborne particles.These could harm the occupants of the vehicle, as well as the engine itself.In the case of liquids, impurities in the oil (over time) can damage the engine system, and organic matter in the fuel can be harmful.The task of keeping everything running clean is the job of these four filters: engine air filter, cabin air filter, engine oil filter and fuel filter.They work together to protect important parts of your car and yourself from harm.Because of this, forgetting to replace them or ignoring them can cause serious damage.


While all these filters are self-explanatory, it is important to understand how they work and what they are used for, starting with air filters.

Air Filter

Here, the engine air filter is used to filter any impurities in the air that the engine inhales during combustion.Therefore, this helps the whole combustion process to work properly, thus ensuring the normal operation of the engine.Something like this that has a direct effect on the combustion process also has a direct effect on the fuel efficiency of the vehicle.To achieve the best fuel efficiency, the vehicle needs to be properly burned.Without proper combustion, fuel mileage and power are lost.


You might ask, what is the protection of the engine?Any of various abrasive particles, such as dust and dirt, that may be present in the air.Therefore, if you are driving in a heavily polluted/dusty area, you need to change and clean your filters regularly.Simply pull out the filter, place it in a large black box near the engine, and gently blow out any debris with an air hose.This is only a temporary fix and it is important to note when the filter is actually changed.


There is no fixed time to change the air filter.But ideally, you should change once a year.While much depends on how clean the environment is, it's good to change your filters every year if your area has low pollution or low dust levels.If you are driving in an area with high air quality, it is important to change the air filter more frequently.


Engine air filters directly affect the overall performance of your car - don't ignore it.

Engine-Cabin Air Filter

The rest of the filters are for vehicle health, but this one is strictly for your benefit.Particles that filter out of the engine system also filter out of the cabin.The cabin air filter works like an engine air filter, capturing any dust particles or pollen floating in the air.This, in turn, prevents irritating and potentially harmful particles from entering the cabin.These airborne annoyances will greatly reduce the impact on the car, especially for those with allergies, and ultimately make the air in the car cleaner.


Like the engine air filter, you should change the cabin air filter once a year.Again, an exception is if you drive frequently in dusty or heavily polluted areas, in which case you may want to replace them more frequently.

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