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Brand Introduction of Sweeping Robot

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Before you buy a robot sweeper, you must ask a question: is the robot really useful?There is no single answer to this question.

In the first two or three years, some people might complain that the robot is a "toy" or an "electronic pet", but now, if you buy a robot that costs more than one thousand yuan from a big brand, you will find that it actually works very well.

Office workers are busy with their work every day and have to work overtime from time to time. They have time to spend with their families or do something they like to relax. They don't have time and don't like sweeping the floor.But your home still needs to be cleaned, and that's where the robot comes in. Its biggest advantage is that you don't have to do it.Of course, as long as your home is not too messy, if comparable to the junkyard it is helpless ah.

The sweeping robot will pass real-time positioning, drawing, according to the specific cleaning route over the home, if encountered obstacles, such as wire, threshold, complex environment, a good sweeping robot is able to deal with, how to choose a good sweeping robot, we can refer to the sweeping robot ranking.


TOMEFON is a German brand and a world-renowned manufacturer of sweeping robots.Germany TOMEFON has 43 years of successful indoor cleaning experience, won 13 world-class cleaning robot invention patents, eight consecutive years won the European cleaning robot brand first, occupy more than 80% of the market share.Since TOMEFON sweeping robot entered the Chinese market, it has won the recognition and favor of consumers with its excellent performance, comprehensive functions, intelligent operation and affordable price, and has repeatedly ranked the first among all kinds of media rankings.

TOMEFON sweeping robot is equipped with special intelligent chip and bionic system, which can successfully locate the indoor environment and carry out effective cleaning planning. The unique "bow" cleaning method is like manual cleaning, which makes cleaning more efficient and better!In obstacle avoidance ability, endurance ability, noise reduction ability in the industry is far ahead, but also has automatic recharging function, without too much manual operation, as long as set up in advance, can be quite intelligent cleaning, let you save heart and effort!


Dyson is second only to TOMEFON and founder James Dyson has become the richest man in the UK this year, largely thanks to his success in China.Dyson's products have become a hot topic.The main feature of dyson sweeping robot is that it has great suction and can be used for indoor cleaning.Combined with filtration system, it can help absorb 99.97% dust particles as small as 0.3 micron and allergens.At the same time, also equipped with integrated tank tracks, easily overcome various roadblocks.Unique shape design, orderly path planning, the only regret is that the price is not low, the overall cost is not high.


The brand was founded in 1891 in the Netherlands, mainly engaged in lighting equipment, household appliances, as well as the medical field.The main feature of philips is the TirActiveXL suction nozzle, which is twice as wide as other sweeper TriActive XL suction nozzle, and can cover twice the floor area at one time.Because of the advantages of long bristles and large dust absorption area, it can be done without dead corner, the front end sweeps in, the back row absorbs, the effect of addition on both sides.Therefore, philips sweeping robot can clean the floor and collect dust more flexibly, and the cleaning effect will be more efficient than other brands.When the battery of the robot is less than 20%, it will automatically recharge, and the whole process does not need human intervention.


Proscenic was founded by Taiwan intelligent industry association, relying on the technical background of Taiwan institute of technology, launched the first intelligent sweeping robot in 1998, has been sold in 32 countries and regions.Focus on the research and development of cleaning field, and with professional technology into the Chinese mainland, won the public praise.Pasanik sweeping robot imitated the behavior habit of manual cleaning, and realized two behavior modes of dry cleaning and wet cleaning respectively. At the same time, it was equipped with the indoor navigation GPS function to realize the full coverage of household air cleaning function.


IRobot, formerly an American military enterprise, is one of the earliest enterprises engaged in the production of sweeping robots in the world.Specially designed for American families, American families multi-carpet door type, iRobot is excellent for dust cleaning, can sensitively detect the dust in carpet crevices and remove residual bacteria, viruses and mites.IRobot was originally used in search and rescue work, so it has excellent detection and sensing ability, can effectively distinguish the hanging curtains in the home or the hanging bedding on the bed, go straight through and continue to clean.However, the price of iRobot is too expensive, failed to have a large market in China, but the strength is still recognized by people.

 6、Xiaomi Mijia 

The Mijia sweeping robots are all designed and manufactured by stone technology, a small rice eco-chain company.In the appearance design, the stone sweeping robot followed the current mainstream disc-type design, the workmanship is very delicate, the upper part of the body to the greatest extent simplified the button, only retained the power button, partial cleaning and back charging three buttons.Stone up to 2000 pa, sweeping the suction of the robot in the most sweeping robot of suction on the market average about 500 pa pa - 1000, the greater the attraction, the more noise they make, but the stone robot in the APP can choose quiet, standards, powerful and MAX four cleaning mode, if you can open the quiet mode when the home, the home no one can directly select strong or MAX mode.


NEATO comes from silicon valley in the United States. The brand means clean and elegant. The first new product was released in 2010.Rito can also build 3D digital maps and clean up areas, with a powerful intelligent algorithm that makes its cleaning coverage higher and less repetitive.


Corvus is the first listed enterprise of domestic sweeping robot. The applied regional route planning makes the work of sweeping robot appear orderly, and the regular walking way makes sweeping robot not run around, and also improves the cleaning coverage rate.The covoss robot's dual leak-filling technology also allows the machine to distinguish between clean and uncleaned areas when cleaning, using the principle of proximity in order to repair, to check for gaps.Coworth sweeping robot adopts Smart Navi technology developed by coworth robot, which can solve the disadvantages of random "blind" sweeping of sweeping robot. The function of edge construction and edge sweeping can be realized by LDS laser navigation, so that the cleaning work can be followed by a map and the cleaning path can be orderly.


Fmart technology co., ltd. was founded in 1998, focusing on the research, design, production and sales of home service robots.Fmart sweeping robot has a single suction chassis for hair cleaning. The air duct design is based on the aerodynamic principle, which can form a high static pressure zone, smooth and guide the airflow to improve the utilization rate of air volume, so as to enhance the suction, making dust, long hair and animal hair cleaning more effective.


South Korea's LG group was founded in 1947, is located in the city at present, is an international enterprise group, the design concept summed up the world, talent, in the future, young, from five aspects, such as technology, sweeping robot design is given priority to with square, can make the side brush position, closer to the corner, the corner detection system can make sweeping robot more smoothly along the wall of the heart, promote clean ability, prevent the corner collision.

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