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Automotive Cabin Air Filter

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The cabin air filter is specially used for air purification in the car compartment. Activated carbon composite filter cloth made of high-efficiency adsorption material-activated carbon and filament non-woven fabric; compact structure, can effectively filter smoke, pollen, dust, harmful gases and various peculiar smells. The filter can efficiently filter and adsorb particulate impurities to filter oil and purify air. At the same time, it can also remove TVOC, benzene, phenol, ammonia, formaldehyde, xylene, styrene and other organic gases. An ideal material for automotive air-conditioning filters in automobiles, cars, and commercial vehicles.


So when should we replace the car air conditioning filter?

1. The air conditioner has been opened to a large enough position, but the air output for cooling or heating is very small. If the air conditioner system is normal, the reason may be that the air conditioner filter used is poorly ventilated, or the air conditioner filter has been used for too long , It was not replaced in time.

⒉The wind blown out by the air conditioner has a peculiar smell. The reason may be that the air conditioner system has not been used for a long time, and the internal system and air conditioner filter are caused by damp and mould. It is recommended to clean the air conditioner system and replace the air conditioner filter.


Automotive cabin air filter category:

1. Ordinary filter paper type air conditioner filter

Mainly refers to the filter element made of ordinary filter paper or non-woven fabric. Since there are no other adsorption or filtering materials, only non-woven fabrics are used to filter the air, so this kind of filter element does not have a good filtering effect on formaldehyde or PM2.5 particles. Most models are equipped with the original air-conditioning filter element at the factory of this type.

Advantages: small wind resistance, large air volume, low price, not easy to breed bacteria and produce peculiar smell.

Disadvantages: poor filtering effect, unable to resist fine dust, PM2.5 particles and harmful gases. Filtering effect: poor.


Activated carbon filter

Generally speaking, the activated carbon filter is based on the fiber filter layer, adding an activated carbon layer to upgrade the single-effect filter to the double-effect filter. The fiber filter layer filters impurities such as smoke and pollen in the air, and the activated carbon layer absorbs harmful gases such as formaldehyde to achieve double-effect filtration. In addition, due to the adsorption characteristics of activated carbon, it also has the effect of removing peculiar smell.

Advantages: double filtration, moisture-proof, deodorization.

Disadvantages: The air volume is relatively small and cannot filter PM2.5 fine particles. Filtering effect:-general.


3.HEPA filter

The HEPA filter has a strong ability to filter particles, and it is the best among all filter materials in terms of filtering PM2.5. However, a single HEPA filter element can only function as a single-effect filter, and has a poor filtering effect on harmful gases such as formaldehyde. HEPA has a complete range of air-conditioning filter products, as well as a HEPA filter membrane installed on the original car cabin air filter.

Car Cabin FilterCar Cabin Filter


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