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A guide to buying robot vacuum cleaners(4)

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Xiaomi S50 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Replacement Accessories

6. How to choose the right vacuum robot for your family?

In general, we tend to buy fully functional robotic vacuum cleaners with the best technical specifications.However, sometimes due to your home environment, a medium-sized vacuum cleaner is perfect for cleaning your home.Therefore, you can save money by choosing a reasonable robot with necessary cleaning functions.There are some questions to consider when choosing which robot is best for you.

(1) if you have a big house with many rooms:

First, before buying a robot vacuum cleaner, you must consider how big your house is.Some robotic vacuum cleaners, such as Mi robot vacuum cleaners, are best suited for a space of 250 square meters, while others are more suitable for small environments such as one-room apartments.So what kind of robot vacuum cleaner you buy depends in part on the size of your house.

That's not enough.You also need to confirm how many rooms you have under your furniture to allow the robot vacuum through.If a robot vacuum is going to clean a large house with multiple rooms under the furniture, room-by-room navigation, high-capacity batteries and slim bodies are what you must have.

(2) if you adopt a cat or dog as a family member:

Nowadays most people keep pets as their family members, we know that pets' hair is difficult to clean.In this case, a robotic vacuum like iLife V3S, designed to collect dog and cat hair and use a HEPA filter to eliminate allergens, would be your best choice.

Keep this in mind: if you have a pet or someone in your family with allergies, you'd better buy a robotic vacuum with a HEPA filter.

(3) if you have a carpet at home:

Most robotic vacuum cleaners can clean multiple types of floors, such as carpets, hardwoods and tiles, while some can only clean carpets or hardwoods better.

When it comes to carpet cleaning, it takes more than hardwood, as delicate carpets can be damaged by low-end vacuum cleaners.Obviously, you have to pay more for high-end robotic vacuum cleaners.So, if your floor is made of hardwood or tile, you can save a lot of money on a vacuum cleaner that doesn't have carpet detection and is free to mop the floor.

If you have carpet, you must make sure that the robot vacuum fits on carpet floors and do not use the robot in mop mode.

(4) if you are busy with work:

For busy workers, scheduling mode and remote control, such as APP control, bluetooth connection, wi-fi control or camera monitor, are of great help for robot vacuum cleaning.In scheduling mode, you can set a timer for the robot vacuum cleaner to finish its daily cleaning before you go to work.In addition, you can command the robot to work at home, even when you are working, due to the control of the application.

Cleaning plans and app controls make it easy to clean our homes. Robotic vacuum cleaners like XShuai hxs-c3 with built-in cameras will help you look after your house or talk to your family at home video.What's more, the automatic self-charging sensor drives your robot back to the charging dock at low power.If your robot has an invisible wall, you can limit access to sensitive areas, preventing potential threats when you're not at home.

7. How to maintain a robot vacuum?

Robot vacuum cleaners have many accessories, such as rolling brushes, side brushes, filters, cleaning MATS and floor cloths.We must consider whether they are easy to clean and how often we need a new one.

Take the xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner as an example, we must replace the rolling brush and side brush every 6-12 months, and the filter every 3-6 months to ensure the health of cleaning performance.In general, hepa filters are disposable, and when it is dirty, we need to use a new one.

Some commonly used filters are washable and we can save money by buying and replacing them frequently.Speaking of removable bins, we can empty them, easily clean them, take them out and rinse them under water.


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