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A guide to buying robot vacuum cleaners(3)

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Xiaomi S50 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Replacement Accessories

5. How to identify whether the robot vacuum cleaner is clean?

Not all robot vacuum cleaners clean well. We find that many robot vacuum cleaners do not clean as advertised. They always leave dust on the floor after cleaning and run around like a silly moving toy.So before we buy a new robot vacuum cleaner, we'd better make sure that the robot vacuum cleaner is not a stupid robot toy, but a good household cleaning assistant.We can see it from three aspects:

(1) high suction -- the greater the suction, the better the cleaning performance

Whether a robot vacuum cleaner cleans well depends on the size of the suction.Generally speaking, the greater the suction, the better the cleaning effect.When it comes to good suction, we should pay attention to its built-in motor.A reliable and powerful motor can drive the main roller brush to spin at high speed, grab a pet's hair and sweep all the dust into the trash like a powerful hurricane.

If the robot is equipped with a rolling brush, 400 to 600pa is sufficient, as the rolling brush can do half the suction job by grabbing dirt and delivering it to the air inlet.Therefore, when it comes to a robot without a rolling brush, the robot may need more powerful power at 700-1000 pa.At present, many manufacturers are inclined to produce xiaomi robot vacuum cleaners of 1800-2000pa, aiming to provide more powerful suction.

Unlike large vacuum cleaners with power between 1200 and 1400W, or portable vacuum cleaners with power between 200 and 600W, most robot vacuum cleaners have a wireless design power rate of less than 50W.However, robot vacuum cleaners are mainly designed as portable automatic vacuum cleaners for daily cleaning of city houses, such as dust, dust, small particles, debris or pet fur.

(2) perfect cleaning system -- partition mapping cleaning navigation is the key

Navigation plays a vital role in intelligent cleaning, which optimizes the whole cleaning system.There are three cleaning path modes of robot vacuum: automatic cleaning, edge cleaning and point cleaning.The default cleaning mode is automatic cleaning, a robot without navigation, in which it will walk on irregular paths like a headless chicken, leaving unnecessary duplications or omissions.

But if the robot has a navigation function, it can SLAM automatically follow the planned path according to the intelligent path planning algorithm.All our rooms have been zoned and mapped for cleaning.After drawing the area with the updated location, the z path is cleaned (in automatic mode) to make sure there are no omissions. You can clean the edges first, then the top pick.According to the navigation system, we can thoroughly clean the floor without worrying about unnecessary duplication or omissions.

Self-cleaning: the robot moves around your home until its battery runs out, without a planned route, and it may leave some space uncleaned.

Spot cleaning: the robot rotates in a spiral or circular motion around the center, allowing it to focus on cleaning specific areas with spilled milk or other stains.

Edge cleaning: robot cleaning along the wall, very suitable for a period of time edge cleaning.

Zigzag cleaning: also known as s-shaped cleaning, is the most effective cleaning route, the robot in the largest range of more thorough cleaning of the room.

(3) slim body

When it comes to good cleaning, we should pay attention to the slender body of the robot.The slender body allows the robot to easily and flexibly access the bottom of the furniture.If we have too much furniture in our home, we'd better measure the leg height of the furniture before buying a new robot.In general, most robots are between 7 and 12cm tall.

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