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A guide to buying robot vacuum cleaners(2)

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Xiaomi S50 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Replacement Accessories

3. How does it work?

When it comes to robot cleaning, we have to look at its structure.Let's take xiaomi vacuum robot as an example:Most robotic vacuum cleaners have three stages of cleaning, while specific vacuums have four stages.The robot vacuum performs the following phases simultaneously (except for wet mops).


Phase 1: double sweep brush works together to sweep dust, dust, hair and debris from corners and edges to the center of the main brush.


Step 2: the main roller brush with a brush to grasp the pet's hair and debris, with a rubber roller to remove dirt, dust and stains on the floor.


Step 3: powerful engines suck dust into filtered bins through air intakes, while hepa filters clear the air of tiny dust particles, mites and allergens.


Step 4: as the tank continuously pumps fluid into the microfiber cloth, robovac USES a damp cloth to mop the floor back and forth, easily removing stubborn dirt, stains, and grime from the floor.


4. What is the most important feature of a robot vacuum cleaner?

(1) navigation algorithm

Compared with the traditional semi-random robot vacuum cleaner, the automatic robot vacuum cleaner USES advanced navigation technology to map rooms into specific cleaning areas, which improves the cleaning efficiency.


Guided by intelligent navigation algorithms, the robot can easily bypass obstacles, change its route and clean the room more thoroughly.You can let the robot do the job alone, without waiting to switch to a specific mode, because the robot has a GPS memory that knows where it's been cleaned up or not.

Therefore, even a robot vacuum cleaner will pause in its mapped cleaning path when it needs to be charged, and the robot vac will return to the place it left after being fully charged from the receiving station.


(2) arrange cleaning

Robot vacuum cleaners can clean automatically, freeing us from chores, but when and where do robots vacuum?If we still need a remote control or a manual button to get it to work, it may not be an intelligent assistant that can help us a lot.


Preset scheduling function, we can set when the robot starts cleaning work before leaving the office, so that we can ensure it is the most convenient cleaning time for our family and pets, which also means that the robot can automatically clean our house without WiFi connection.


(3) WiFi App control

A robot vacuum with wifi function can bring us more convenience.Once a specific application is installed on our compatible mobile devices, we can easily control the robot using a smartphone or tablet as a remote control.Basically, when we're away from home, we can schedule, start, pause, stop, take photos (with built-in cameras), and even receive notifications from robotic vacuum cleaners.Anyway, we can direct the robot to clean the room or wherever we want it to clean.


(4) avoid obstacles

It is not convenient to empty our house before the robot vac starts working.Therefore, it is necessary for the robot to sense and avoid obstacles such as edges, stairs, door frames, or other difficult areas with large furniture such as tables, chairs, and sofas.


Robot vacuum cleaner USES many intelligent sensor normally, be like edge sensor, cliff sensor, collision sensor, obstacle sensor, ultrasonic radar sensor, laser distance sensor, gyro sensor, make robot can move freely in the home, automatic adapt surroundings, thoroughly clean the floor.


We don't need to worry about delicate furniture being damaged, and robots can protect themselves from collisions and jams.If your home has many obstacles to avoid, this feature will be the most important.

(5) hepa filters

The high efficiency particulate air filter (HEPA) is a high efficiency particulate air filter designed to treat pet hair that produces allergens to the air.With the HEPA filter, robotic vacuum cleaners remove tiny dust particles and allergens from the air.


(6) self-charging

Compared with vacuum cleaners, robot vacuum cleaners with charging base are an outstanding feature.It recharges itself.First, choose a charging point that the robot can reach, and the robot vac will automatically return before the battery runs out.


Until it has enough energy to go back to where it left off, and continues to clean up dust, it will stay in the juice (electricity) of the dock.No more worrying about batteries and not having enough power in the remote-controlled robot to vacuum.


(7) visual wall

The visual wall is sometimes called the "invisible wall."It is a characteristic of robot vac intelligent system.We can use it to divide cleaning areas into sensitive areas (such as bathrooms, kitchens, pet rooms and children's playrooms) to prevent potential threats when we go out.Because the robot will work in the safe area we need and never cross the visual wall, we can easily leave the house to the robot to clean up.


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