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A guide to buying robot vacuum cleaners(1)

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Xiaomi S50 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Replacement Accessories

With the development of intelligent robot technology, robot vacuum cleaners have completely changed the way we clean our houses and solve household chores.However, there are many different robot vacuum cleaners on the market every year. When you want to buy the perfect vacuum cleaner for your family, which one is the best choice?Let's go and see.


1. What is a robot vacuum?

Robot vacuum, referred to as robovac, is an autonomous robot vacuum cleaner, which is equipped with intelligent programming and vacuum cleaning system of automatically cleaning houses.As most robot vacuum cleaners should do, they can work automatically without human intervention, or we can schedule it to clean every day via APP/wi-fi/bluetooth remote control while we work away from home.


Why should we buy a robot vacuum cleaner?


And effort!Hand-held vacuum cleaning no longer bends


The robot vac is as smart as a robot and can help us clean up all the dirt, dust, debris and hair that comes from everyday urban life.We don't have to bend over and vacuum anymore.It is easy to use, even for children and the elderly, as long as a button is pressed, the robot can work by itself.


Save time!Free our hands from housework


With the ultimate built-in motor, the robot can work efficiently and we don't need to control ourselves manually.It means that when we are not at home, we can let the robot clean by itself and do what we need to do.


Clean thoroughly!Easy access to hard-to-reach areas


While it is troublesome for us to use ordinary sweeper and vacuum cleaner to clean hard-to-reach areas under furniture, vac, designed on a slim body, can easily clean areas under beds, cabinets, sofas and so on.

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