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7 Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality in Home

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Many people frequently ask the questions, “How can I improve indoor air quality in my home?” In order to solve the air quality problem, professional China air filter manufacturer - Blue Sky Filter Company, has collected several methods for you.



1. Control humidity and moisture

Humidity and moisture is without doubt one of significant single cause of indoor air quality problems. To control humidity, one must be able to measure it. A thermo-hygrometer (temperature / humidity meter) is essential.


2. Maintain good housekeeping

Most of the contaminants in the home are just organic dust that accumulates, including dust tracked-in, shed human or animal skin flakes, aerosolized particles from cooking, etc.. You can use damp wiping, HEPA or other methods that actually remove particles.


3. Increase ventilation in the home

This is excellent for reducing energy usage, as ventilation can simply be provided by controlled mechanical means.


4. Maintain positive pressure indoors relative to outside

This part of improving indoor air quality in your home is accomplished bringing in a source of outside air. Walls, attics and ceilings are usually dry inside air rather than outside humid air.  It makes the home much more resistant to minor envelope leaks, which are more likely to dry before they create problems. The most important point to remember is that this additional outside return air must be properly dehumidified at some point in the process. If not, humidity will climb and create problems of its own.


5. Regular Inspection of the HVAC system

Parts of the HVAC system are by definition wet or damp. If a food source for mold and other organisms is available because the system isn’t properly cleaned, these organisms will grow and create indoor air quality problems. Have the HVAC filter regularly inspected and cleaned as necessary. 

However, keep in mind that more efficient HVAC filters may restrict air flow, if not properly engineered, which can impede the energy efficiency of the system and its ability to properly control humidity.


6. Consider the air filtration unit in your home

Free-standing units can be quite effective in smaller spaces. We recommend mechanical filtration systems, not those dependent on ionization, charged particles, etc. You want to remove contaminants from the air, not add or change them which many “air purifiers” claim they do.


7. Do a professional test for your indoor quality

A professional and qualified indoor air quality firm can locate problems, and provide recommendations for your home that will help to improve indoor air quality.


The above are the 7 ways to improve indoor air quality in home, by conscientiously implementing the above points, the air quality in home will be maintained in a good condition. For high performance air filter products, you can contact us!

Please feel free to send your designs and samples for our company to cooperate with you!

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