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Why should change filter element frequently?

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Filter element of water purifier needs to be replaced frequently. After all, filter element is a very important part of water purifier. Any water that needs to be filtered needs to go through this part.However, if this part is not replaced for a long time, it will have a very bad effect.Here we will tell you, why often change the filter element of the water purifier, do not change the filter element and what are the bad effects.


The filtration effect decreases, affecting the water quality and the health of the users


If you do not replace the filter element, the first impact is the filter effect.If the filter element is not replaced for a long time, it may be blocked directly.At this time, the water flow will continue to reduce, affecting the use of water purifier.At the same time, the filtration effect will be weakened, resulting in continuous reduction of the purification effect of water purification.At this time, some harmful substances that cannot be filtered out due to the decline of filter element effect will be used by water users along with the "clean water" after the essence, which will lead to the health of water users cannot be guaranteed.


The increase of maintenance cost directly increases the use cost of water purifier


If the filter element is not replaced, it seems to save some cost, and water can also be used, but this behavior will affect the maintenance cost of water purifier invisibly.Generally speaking, if the primary filter element is blocked and not replaced, it will directly affect the secondary filter element, which will lead to the need to replace the secondary filter element after a short period of time. At this time, two filter elements need to be replaced, and the price of primary filter element is usually cheaper than that of secondary filter element.So frequently change a filter element, to extend the service life of secondary filter element, is very necessary.


Affect service life, a variety of problems directly lead to the water purifier is affected


Of course, there is a point, is not to replace the filter element, will directly affect the service life of the water purifier.We found that if the filter element is not replaced for a long time, the operation of the whole water purifier equipment will become very sluggish.This will lead to many parts of the water purifier, including the filter element, will quickly appear in a short period of time a variety of problems, and then lead to the water purifier service life rapidly shortened.


When using water purifier, it is necessary to ensure the quality of water purification, reduce the maintenance and operation cost of water purifier, and improve the water purification effect of water purifier after the replacement of filter element.


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