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Why install cold air intakes?

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In the ongoing quest to make our vehicles more powerful and fun to drive, people have come up with some great aftermarket systems.Sure, you can make a lot of changes to the engine, such as new exhaust systems, bolt fasteners, such as superchargers and turbochargers, but the serious thing is that these things cost a lot of money, and you may take longer than a weekend to install these parts.


And then we have the cold air intake.


Cool air intakes are a fairly cheap refit (usually a few hundred dollars) and easier to install than most other engine refits.No, they don't add power like other engine modifications, but they help your engine in other ways.


Imagine a factory intake system like a cold that clogs your head and restricts your breathing.Now go running.Will it work well?Cold air ingestion is like an amazing drug that allows your engine to breathe smoothly.


Cold air intakes move air filters outside the engine compartment so that cooler air can be sucked into the engine for combustion.Cooler air brings more oxygen (more dense air) into the combustion chamber, which means more power.Filters are usually moved to the upper wheel bay area or near the fenders, where more free-flowing, cooler air and less hot air comes from the engine.


It doesn't cost very much.But it makes driving better.


Cold air intake not only lowers air temperature, but also increases airflow.Aftermarket air intakes no longer need boxes around air filters, but use larger diameter air intakes that are smoother, less curved, and generally wider than the original ones.Removing the air box and using smoother pipes will leave the engine undisturbed.


Sound good?But does it work?


Cold air and more air sounds good in theory, but when you're trying to overtake on the highway, no one is going to talk about it.


The good news is that while claims of actual horsepower and even improved fuel efficiency may make a difference, cold air intakes actually help improve performance.

When the throttle is fully open, you may notice an increase in power.Some manufacturers claim that their systems add between 5 and 20 horsepower.But if you combine the cold air intake system with other engine modifications, such as the new exhaust system, you will create a more efficient system.Therefore, consider it as one of the many factors that increase engine performance.


However, there are some disadvantages to consider when installing cold air intakes.If the air filter is too exposed and absorbs water, it will go straight into your engine and you will become a stream.Pun intended.Consider adding bypass valves to prevent this from happening.


In addition, installing cold air intakes on some newer cars may invalidate the engine manufacturer's warranty.So study this situation before you start, or at least understand that it may become a problem in the future.


In addition, install air intakes and listen to the wonderful sound of free-flowing cold air entering the engine while enjoying the extra horsepower.This may be exactly what your engine needs.

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