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When should I change my industrial vacuum cleaner filter?

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We're often asked, "how do I know when it's time to change the vacuum cleaner filter?"


Fortunately, vacuum cleaners require very little maintenance.If you vacuum properly and change your filters regularly, your vacuum should last for years.


Here are some general tips to follow:


Paper Dust Bag

If your vacuum cleaner has a paper bag in the first stage of filtration, you should replace it with a paper bag when it is 2/3 to 3/4 full.A full bag may burst.


Usually, you can tell if your bag is full by looking at it.You may also feel a slight drop in the suction of the vacuum cleaner.If you pick up something smelly, you might want to change your bag, too.Many pet owners have learned the hard way that if your vacuum cleaner is full of pet fur and you don't replace the entire bag, your vacuum will smell like pet fur.


Tip : Vacuum a cup of baking soda to get rid of odors.



Microfilters should be replaced approximately every 3 months before air passes through the motor and HEPA or ULPA filters to filter air, or when significant discoloration occurs.


Main Filter

This filter is probably the most important filter in all vacuums because it is the first major line of defense for working airflow.Our main filters (usually made of cotton or polyester) come in all shapes and sizes.


Depending on the application, it can be washed two or three times with a mild detergent.Also, we recommend drying the filter in the sun, not in the dryer.


A good rule of thumb is to replace the main filter every three to five years, or when you see a vacuum cleaner performance drop to an unacceptable level.To extend the life of vacuum cleaners, many machines (large and small) may be equipped with filter cleaning systems (manual filter shakers and/or automatic filter cleaning systems) that allow the operator to easily shake the filter out of the dust without opening the vacuum.


Perform proper filter maintenance in accordance with the vacuum equipment instructions.

HEPA Filter

We generally recommend replacing HEPA filters after 1000 hours of use.Of course, it all depends on your use.If you use a vacuum cleaner 24 hours a day, the HEPA filter will need to be replaced as soon as possible (up to a year later), but if you only use it for 15 minutes a day, the HEPA will last longer (possibly for years).


All vacuum cleaners have a multistage filter function, so each filter protects the next filter.If you're diligent about replacing your paper bags and microfilters, you'll easily extend the life of larger, more expensive filters...And the life of a vacuum cleaner.


Keep in mind that these are just guidelines and the filter change interval may vary depending on the person's application.Before you know how long your vacuum cleaner has been in use, it's a good idea to check your filters regularly at the beginning and then establish a routine.


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