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What is the working principle of the vacuum cleaner?

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Something you need

Vacuum cleaner

A paper bag

A handful of sequins, confetti, etc.

Safety first!Don't use plastic bags.It's going to be sucked into a vacuum.Keep your hands away from the vacuum hose and follow all safety instructions provided by the vacuum equipment.


What to do

Look at the various parts of a vacuum cleaner (hoses, beater brushes, bags, handles, etc.).What does a vacuum cleaner do?What does each part do?Does a vacuum blow air out or take it in?What can a vacuum cleaner pick up?To prove that a vacuum cleaner USES air to collect dust, you can blow it into a paper bag like a balloon and seal it with your hand.Feel this bag.What's in the bag?Fill your bag with glitter or confetti.Insert the vacuum hose into the pocket and turn on the vacuum for a few seconds.What's wrong with the bag?Look inside the bag.What happened to all the glitter and confetti?Where did they go?Look inside for cannibals or vacuum bags and find them.What's in the bag?How did all this glitter get into the bag?


What happened?

Vacuum cleaners are a form of technology.Technology is what people create to solve problems.A vacuum cleaner sucks in air and the air sucks in dust.Inside the vacuum cleaner, there is a fan blowing air (you can often feel it).In order for the fan to blow, it needs to draw in air.This is air that absorbs dust, or vacuum cleaners.The low-pressure air that comes into the vacuum cleaner sucks up small objects, which get trapped in bags, cans or filters.


Why is this important?

Vacuum cleaners use low pressure to help us pick up dust and particles.Vacuum suction is also used to move materials in many industries.Milking machines use low pressure (vacuum pressure) to produce suction to milk.Milk can also be moved to a large storage tank under vacuum pressure.

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