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What is FFU and How FFU works

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  Air Cleaning EquipmentLaminar Flow Hood FFU Fan Filter Unit with HEPA Filter

FFU (Fan Filter Unit) is a device for air filtration, usually used in clean rooms and other environments. It consists of fan, filter, shell and other parts, through the high efficiency filter to remove dust, bacteria and other particles in the air, so as to achieve the purpose of purifying the air.


The working principle of FFU can be divided into three main steps:

Air inhalation: The fan of the FFU draws air from the room and enters the FFU through the air intake.

Air filtration: The air passes through the high efficiency filter to filter out dust, bacteria and other particles in the air.

Air emission: The filtered air is discharged into the room through the outlet to complete the air purification process.

In this process, FFU maintains the cleanliness of the indoor environment by continuously circulating and purifying the indoor air through continuous operation.

FFU is widely used in the following areas:

Environmental protection industry: In the environmental protection industry, FFU is used in air treatment, waste gas treatment and other fields, which can effectively remove harmful substances in the air.

Industrial industry: In the industrial industry, FFU is widely used in semiconductor manufacturing, optical manufacturing, food processing and other fields to provide high cleanliness of the air environment.

Medical industry: In the medical industry, FFU is used in operating rooms, treatment rooms and other places to provide a clean air environment to protect the health and safety of patients.

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