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The role of water purifier

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Concern about water quality should start with "drinking water", a group of water partners aiming to improve drinking water quality were born in the late 1980s.The emergence of tap water, bottled water and drinking fountains has indeed improved the human drinking water environment to a certain extent, but its inevitable secondary pipeline pollution and poison bucket events have been exposed one after another. People begin to place their hopes on water purifiers, and more and more families begin to pay attention to and install water purifiers.Is it necessary to install the water purifier? How big is the function of the water purifier?For any pursuit of quality of life of the family, water purifier installation is essential.


Is it necessary to install the water purifier


The secondary pollution of tap water is serious. The long pipeline and the secondary pressurized water tank make the water with 765 kinds of harmful substances, among which 20 are confirmed carcinogenic, 24 are suspected carcinogenic and 18 are causing stones. About 80% of diseases, especially chronic diseases, are caused by water pollution.The traditional form of boiling water can not completely kill bacteria, and the water lost a lot of oxygen after boiling, which is not conducive to human drinking;The most obvious is the secondary pollution of bottled water. According to the investigation, 30% of bottled water is unqualified, and the number of bacterial colonies exceeds the standard seriously.


Is the installation of water purifier necessary? As an effective household water treatment equipment, water purifier can completely improve the water quality of tap water and is the best choice to replace bottled water, especially for modern families, the installation of water purifier is crucial.


How does a water purifier work


Tap water is chlorinated to kill viruses and bacteria, but not scale, heavy metals or volatile substances.According to the world health organization (WHO) study showed that the most effective way is in household water terminals equipped with a water purifier, the water depth of the terminal link to purification, separation of the effective removal of various pollutants, such as bacteria, residual chlorine, heavy metals, volatile substances, rust, sand and other impurities and harmful substances, can fully solve the secondary pollution of tap water;


Bottled water costs too much and is not suitable for daily use. Bottled water is listed as daily water by most wealthy families.Barrelled water has high cost, short period of validity and is easy to be purified.The cost of water purifier is much lower than that of barreled water, the water tastes good, and some can even be drunk directly, so it is the most ideal drinking water treatment scheme for families.

It is also important to replace the water filter


The drinking water in many families can be purified, but now there is such a problem. Many families fail to grasp the time to change the filter element or forget to change the filter element, which leads to some problems in the water purifier.We all know that the most important part of a water purifier is the filter element, and the life of the water filter of different water purifiers is also different, how to judge the water filter should be replaced.


According to the summary, the filter element of the traditional water purifier needs to be replaced when the following situations occur.


1. The water yield

When the water flow out of the purifier is very small, it cannot meet the normal needs.It indicates that the filter element is blocked, and the filter element should be cleaned to restore the normal flow, or the flow is still very small after cleaning, which cannot meet people's normal needs.

2. On the palate

When the water outlet taste of the water purifier drops, the taste is close to that of tap water, that is, the chlorine taste of tap water cannot be removed, indicating that the activated carbon filter element of the water purifier has been adsorbed and saturated, and the activated carbon fails. At this time, the filter element of the water purifier should be replaced.

3. Service life

The service life of the reverse osmosis filter element of a water purifier is generally 1 to 2 years. If the service life of the filter element of a water purifier exceeds 2 years, the filter element should be replaced in most cases.Moreover, if the frequency of replacing the filter element or the time difference is very long, the purifying effect of the water purifier will not meet our expected requirements, which will also cause damage to the water purifier.

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