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The role of vacuum cleaner filter in vacuum cleaner

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Home vacuum cleaner filter is a very easy to use electrical product that is widely used in many homes. The core of vacuum cleaner filter is the filter element of the vacuum cleaner. Such vacuum cleaner filter we need to pay more attention to the quality of the vacuum cleaner part it uses. After all, a good vacuum cleaner part can make your vacuum cleaner filter achieve better dust removal effect.


Content list:

1. Vacuum cleaner features

2. The role of the filter element in the vacuum cleaner

3. summary


Vacuum cleaner features


The filter element in the vacuum cleaner is a common filter element in vacuum cleaners and plays a very important role in the operation of vacuum cleaner filter. If you want the vacuum cleaner to filter well and clean it, its quality is very important. So what are the characteristics of the filter in the vacuum cleaner? Many users may not understand it very well, mainly because it is not easy to damage, the cleaning effect is remarkable, double filtration, and a wide range of applications.


1. The material of the filter element in the vacuum cleaner is generally very good, not easy to damage, and has various characteristics such as folding resistance, labor resistance, pressure resistance, moisture resistance and no stimulation.


2. Significant cleaning effect

The filter element in the vacuum cleaner also has a better cleaning effect, high filtration precision, and can block a large amount of dust particles, which can effectively inhibit the proliferation and breeding of bacteria. This will enhance the cleaning effect and increase the service life.


3. Double filtration

Double filtration is also a feature of the vacuum cleaner filter. It can filter some very fine bacteria, fibers, etc., and then filter it through special treatment process. Double filter can clean the room more effectively.


4. Wide range of applications

Its application range is also very extensive, can be applied to automatic cleaning devices, such as electrostatic powder recycling, high temperature gas filtration, dust filtration, water treatment, etc., very practical.


The role of the filter element in the vacuum cleaner


1. In order to prevent the tiny dust that is sucked into the vacuum cleaner from leaking to the outside, vacuum cleaner filter is filled with various filtered vacuum cleaner part. The filter element also acts as a filter. These filterable parts prevent extremely small dust from damaging the motor and also prevent the indoor air from being dirty.


2. When the vacuum cleaner is used for a long time, the suction will be reduced due to the blockage of the filter mesh. In order to prevent the suction from falling, it should be cleaned regularly to restore the suction. The high-speed vacuum cleaner motor generally uses less than 1000 watts of electric power, so the heat generated is equivalent to that of an electric heating furnace.


3. The general vacuum cleaner is equipped with a current fuse and a “thermal protector”. Therefore, even if the motor overheats, the temperature rise can be monitored in time to temporarily cut off the current to the motor and prevent it from happening. It is also equipped with a”airflow protector” that operates when the nozzle is blocked or the air stops flowing, opens the emergency air intake, and uses external cool air to suppress overheating of the main unit.




People prefer to choose high-quality electrical products, and better vacuum cleaners with high-quality filter elements can make the home environment more clean and tidy. Therefore, the vacuum cleaner plays a very important role in it. We also need to perform vacuum filter replacement regularly to ensure that the vacuum cleaner can be in a running state.

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