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The role of HVAC filters

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How does a dirty HVAC filter reduce the efficiency of an air-conditioning system?


Air - conditioner evaporator is a kind of device to absorb indoor heat.A blower is a device for passing hot air through an evaporator coil.If the evaporator coils get dirty, the air conditioning system loses efficiency.Since the dust on the evaporator coil cannot absorb heat from the indoor air conditioning unit, the evaporator coil cannot absorb heat effectively.Air conditioning units will also lose efficiency if the air conditioning system has dirty air filters.It ACTS as an insulator to the evaporator coil just as dirt does to the hvac filter.


The main purpose of air handling blowers is to pass hot air through hvac air filters and push hot air to cold evaporators.But because the air filter is dirty, dirty air filter on the role of the blower is a limit, so can not be enough hot air through the air filter.


The air conditioning system does its job, but there is not enough airflow to move the cold air from the evaporator.Eventually, the evaporator coil starts to freeze, and the air-conditioning system doesn't cool down.


The purpose of HVAC filters is to make the air-conditioning components work efficiently as a whole.If an air-conditioning unit (evaporator coil) is inefficient, the entire air-conditioning unit will operate inefficiently.


Dirty HVAC air filters have the same effect as efficient air conditioning filters on the wrong air-conditioning units.For example, one homeowner read an article about air conditioner filters and found it was true that truly efficient air conditioner filters collected more pollutant particles from the air than inefficient air filters.


He didn't realize that his air conditioning unit couldn't tolerate high efficiency air filters.His air-conditioning equipment was not designed for specific HVAC air filters.As a result, efficient air conditioning filters limit his air conditioning system, similar to dirty or no air conditioning filters.


Although the initial purpose of HVAC filters is to protect indoor air conditioners from trapping micron particles.


Today, HVAC filters have many USES.There are HVAC air filters to minimize dust removal.For example, use HEPA (high efficiency particulate arrest) filters, which are mainly used in operating rooms, food processing, and medicines that require clean air.


HEPA filters can also be used as prefilters for high efficiency ac filters.


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