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The choice of vacuum cleaner filter should have specific aim

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Washable Polyester Filter for Bosch Gas 25 Vacuum Cleaner Replace Part 2607432015

Local effects affect the whole, say this sentence in the use of industrial vacuum cleaners is appropriate.Because no matter which part of its internal problems, will make the equipment can not operate properly.And in vacuum cleaner all component in, filter (action: filter impurities to wait) this small local effect appears more outstanding again, also need us to add attentiveness when choosing filter system so.There are many different types of filtration systems on the market, depending on the environment in which they are used, and they all have their own characteristics.


One is the anti - static filtering system.The filter is an electrically conductive wire that is added to the fabric to protect the motor from static electricity, which can be absorbed in the autumn when static electricity is more frequent or when the device inhales some dust containing static electricity.


Second, the disposable filtration system.The main advantage of the nylon filter is that it can improve the wear resistance and corrosion resistance of the equipment, and can extend the service time of the filter.


The third type is the heat-resistant filter.Its material quality is polyamide basically.Because vacuum cleaners often work in some high-temperature environments, if the filter can withstand higher temperatures, it can protect the filter element from damage, ensure the normal operation of the equipment, while increasing its life.


The fourth is paper filters.Small industrial vacuum cleaners use their internal air amplifiers to convert compressed air into a stream of powerful suction. Such vacuum guns are easy to control by hand.This is also disposable and prevents sticky material from clogging the filter and interfering with the cleaning process.But also because of the paper, so it is relatively easy to damage.


The fifth is a tear - resistant polyester filter.In addition to not easy to tear, it has a good anti-friction performance, the accuracy of the filter is the general filter can not be compared.

The sixth is the mulch filter.Sometimes when cleaning more dust, if the use of this kind of filter, as long as after the use of a slight shake, stick to the above dust will fall.Small industrial vacuum cleaners is mainly through the filter medium separation of solid and air, the common industrial vacuum cleaners on the market generally has a heavy filtration or double filtration, such as dry wet amphibious model for single filter filter type, dry type industrial vacuum cleaners is through the filter and double filtration system, filter bag filter, the general filtering accuracy is about 10 microns, by coated or the use of special material, can make the precision of 1 micron, often use non-woven fabric or polyester fiber needled felt filter cloth, through the different production process can keep the accuracy at about 0.5 microns.

High power industrial vacuum cleaner with multistage high-pressure blower, vortex blower, vortex air pump equipment into a vacuum inside the barrel body, the negative pressure increases rapidly, high negative pressure make the inside air quickly through the air inlet into the barrel body, barrel dust brush and vacuum tube, the flow of air entrainment need to collect and deal with the solid particles into the barrel body, filter bag into the air inlet, the inner surface of the solid is attached to the filter bag, the filtration of air through the filter bag at the beginning of the aperture, then through secondary filter cartridge, can make the air to achieve the emission standard, the filtered air through the ventilation system of fan or pump into the exhaust duct, finally back to the workshop internal,To reduce the loss of energy, especially heat.


According to the different characteristics of these different filters, we can according to the industrial vacuum cleaner used by the environment targeted choice, in order to make it play a better effect.

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