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Make your own vacuum filter

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Although your vacuum cleaner must have a vacuum bag, a motor, a hose, and a strong blender brush, without a good vacuum filter, you will only recycle dust and allergens back into the room.


The vacuum filter's job is heavy.They trap tiny particles that can cause asthma attacks and allergic reactions.Vacuum filters also keep the inside of the vacuum cleaner clean.If dirt accumulates in the exhaust area, it will lead to a vacuum fault that needs to be repaired.


High efficiency particulate filters are the best filters because they capture almost 100 percent of the particles.In addition, you can purchase allergen filters and micron filters for specific threats.When your filter gets dirty or clogged and you don't have a replacement on hand, you can make one to replace it until you can buy one.Here's how to make your own vacuum filter.


1. Cut into a suitable sponge


First, you must cut the sponge to fit in the next cubicle.Vertical cleaners have two different filters.The first one is in a vacuum, where you have dirty tanks.The second is on the side of the air exhaust is.The second one is where the sponge is.


To open this compartment, find the little TAB next to it, pull it gently and open the shutter.Take the strainer out and put it on the sponge.Trace it around with a marker.Cut out the outline with scissors.Once cut, you can put the sponge in the filter room and close the door.It's not perfect, but it will work until you can replace it.


2. Wrap it in a coffee filter


Coffee filters have more USES than just filtering coffee.You can also use them for other general filtering purposes.Inside the vacuum cleaner, another vacuum filter sits on top of the dust cylinder wrapped in a foam sleeve.If this breaks, you can wrap it in a coffee filter.Secure the coffee filter with a rubber band.It should work well until you can get another filter.


3. Drape yourself in cheesecloth


You can also try cheesecloth.Although it can hold back a lot of dust, these tiny microns can still escape.Just wrap it up like a coffee filter.

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