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How to clean the filter of a vacuum cleaner?

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Vacuum cleaners can not only keep all types of floor clean and sundry, and maintenance is also simple and convenient.Instead of having to remove and clean every vacuum bag full of dust and other types of dirt, you just need to empty this vacuum machine's container of dirt. To keep the vacuum cleaner at its best, clean the filter at least once a month or as often as needed.

Clean the inner and outer circular filters

Remove the vacuum cleaner from the power outlet and remove the dirt container from the vacuum cleaner.Turn the filter cup at the bottom of the container counterclockwise to unlock and remove.Next, rotate the circular filter counterclockwise, remove it, and pull it vertically up out of the container.

To clean the outer shape and inner fold filter, separate them and wash one at a time with your hands in warm water.If they are particularly dirty, you can put a few drops of mild detergent in the water.Rinse the filters thoroughly with water and place them on an absorbent towel. Let them dry completely before returning to the filter cup.

While you're cleaning the strainer, you can also clean the strainer cup with warm, soapy water if needed.Let the cup air dry before changing the strainer.You can also use a wet cloth to clean the water tank and the louvers above.

Clean the pre-motor filter

The pre-motor filter is located under the dirt container and filter cup of the vacuum cleaner and between the locking and sealing rods to protect the motor of the equipment from dirt, sundries and other objects.Remove any large, loose debris from the filter by removing it from the vacuum, then rinse it off with warm water.Let the filter air dry completely before changing it.

Clean the post-motor filter

The rear motor filter is located behind the door in front of the vacuum cleaner and helps return clean, dust-free air to the room during cleaning.Remove the strainer and wash by hand with warm water.Also, you can use a few drops of mild dishwashing soap in water to clean a heavily contaminated filter.The filter should be changed every three to six months.

Rinse the filter with warm water and let it dry thoroughly before replacing it.Put the door back in place. Insert the bolt on the left side of the door and push the right side back in place.

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