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How to choose the suitable car air filter?

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  Usually there are two types of car air filter, one is dry filter, one is wet filter.

  Dry-type car air filter is the main type currently used in the market. It is a kind of filter which is used by the original factory or supporting equipment. It has a low cost, but it is a one-time-use product and it needs to be replaced regularly . No matter what kind of filter media of the dry filter is made of, it is a paper filter type. And its filtration performance and life span have high limitations. Therefore, after using a period of time, it have to replace a new air filter. Ensure that the air entering the engine is free of impurities. When the air is filtered, the air flow will inevitably be affected.

  Wet-type car air filters are currently more upgraded products which are used in the refitting market. And most of the refitting car air filter brands would like to use this kind of wet-type air filter. This kind of wet air filter is actually a filter that is made of a material soaked in oily liquid, most of which are made of metal wire fabric as the basic material. This kind of wet oil filter has a lot of advantages. Such as the service life is very long, and it can be regular cleaned and reusable. After being oiled, wet air filter can be reused  for hundreds of thousands of kilometers. In addition, the main advantage is that its filtering performance for impurities in the air is unmatched by ordinary paper filter media, and the barrier to air flow rate is far lower than that of ordinary paper filter media.

  Therefore, in general, in addition to the upgrade of the intake system package, in most cases we recommend upgrading this wet oil-immersed air filter, which does not lose low torque, and also has a certain effect on high speed output. In fact, for long-term repeated use, the comprehensive cost performance is a more cost-effective choice than ordinary disposable air filters.

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