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How to Repair the Broken Vacuum Cleaner?

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A lot of families have vacuum cleaner now, because vacuum cleaner cleans the room really special convenience and quick, a lot of housewife are special like, so general meeting prepares to go up in the home.But once the vacuum cleaner out of the question, the housewife immediately panic, because do not understand ah, so may not continue to use the vacuum cleaner.Actually simple problem, vacuum cleaner maintenance is very simple.Below we look at a simple vacuum cleaner after the breakdown of the maintenance method.

Vacuum cleaner noise increase

In fact, under normal circumstances, any vacuum cleaner will exist a certain noise, the problem is the height of the noise.If the noise of vacuum cleaner is not high at ordinary times, increased suddenly one day, so it is vacuum cleaner fault.And the reason that causes this kind of circumstance is more, for example the fixed element of cleaner is loose, this kind of solution is to strengthen the firmware good line, again for example the likelihood is because of the motor fan loose, the vacuum cleaner runs hit the casing of the fan, adjust the motor fan again.


The vacuum cleaner motor does not work

When the vacuum cleaner started to find that the motor does not turn, so the vacuum cleaner must be a fault.First find the cause of the fault, probably is the motor internal brush burn or wear before too serious, or is the wrong circuit vacuum cleaner, vacuum cleaner and socket bad contact and so on.If there is a problem with the motor, check the vacuum cleaner motor and make sure the brush cannot be replaced while the motor continues to work.If the contact is bad, reconnect the vacuum cleaner power on the line.


The suction of the vacuum falls

The vacuum cleaner lacks suction, this is very easy to find things, as soon as you turn on the machine can feel out.There are too many reasons for this, such as the motor speed is reduced, or the motor and fan between the fixed loose, and even may be the vacuum cleaner housing is not sealed and so on.After finding the fault to examine carefully, find the cause before taking measures.If the motor is in trouble, replace or repair the motor. If it is fixed loose, fix it again. If the seal is not tight, replace it with a new seal ring.


The vacuum cleaner machine does not work

Vacuum cleaner machine does not work, that means the machine is completely without power.The reason that causes this kind of circumstance may be internal fuse is burnt out, this kind immediately changes new fuse to restart to go again, perhaps because the power cord of vacuum cleaner is contacted bad, cause the power shortage inside the machine to cause, change a socket to connect power to be able to.There may be because the vacuum cleaner motor is broken, this situation is more serious, only to replace the new motor this way.


Vacuum cleaner motor rotation does not dust

This kind of circumstance is to say vacuum cleaner still can start, also can hear the sound that the motor turns, but vacuum cleaner is the circumstance that does not vacuum.Cause a reason may be because the dust bag inside the vacuum cleaner has been filled, can not be filled in other garbage, or the air between here to come and blocked, the solution of the time to first come and clean up the dust bag inside, and then the gas line smooth line.It could be that the connection between the vacuum cleaner hose and the brush holder is loose, causing a leak. Just reconnect it.


Conclusion: the failure of the vacuum cleaner is a very common thing, we do not have to panic, do not ignore, the solution is very simple, we can move to directly solve the problem, do not put aside, otherwise will always exist.

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