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How to Clean the Filter Element of Vacuum Cleaner

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    First, we can directly use a clean brush to clean up the dust with a brush, which is suitable for daily cleaning and can not be cleaned with water filter element.

    The second is to wash the vacuum cleaner filter element, the general vacuum cleaner filter element can be directly washed, but it is best to look at the instruction manual, to avoid unnecessary loss. Then we rinse directly with running water, about every two to four months.

The third is that it is necessary to air dry before it can be reassembled. Otherwise, if the motor is wet, it may open the self-protection mode and stop operation.

It is important to choose a household vacuum cleaner that is easy to clean, just like a finger housekeeper vacuum cleaner, the filter element is in the dust cup, just unscrew it. Cleaning can also be directly carried out water cleaning, and the sponge can be replaced, to ensure cleaning efficiency, anti-virus function, and then to touch the dust of the filter, is not so dirty.

BS972 (3)

When a large amount of garbage has been sucked into the transparent dust chamber or the suction is weakened due to blockage of the filter device, clean up the vacuum cleaner.

1). Press the front cover button and gently remove the front cover from the vacuum cleaner.

2). Take out the dust filter bag and pour the garbage in the transparent dust chamber into the trash can.

3). If you have inhaled fine powder, remove the dust bag holder from the filter bag and gently scrub the filter bag in clean water.

4) Put the dust bag rack into the dry dust filter bag, and then put the filter bag into the transparent dust chamber. Then put the front cover on the body and fasten it firmly.

Note: The dust filter bag should be installed in place.

BS1165 (2)

Clean the air inlet filter screen: open the front cover, take out the air inlet filter screen, clean it with water, dry it, and then install it.

1). First rinse the filter with tap water and pat it.

2). Dry or air dry the filter screen, pay attention not to bake, so as to avoid the deformation of the filter screen caused by high temperature.

Note: The filter screen should not be cleaned by washing machine, nor should it be dried by hair dryer.

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