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How often is the vacuum changed? How to maintain vacuum cleaner?

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  Although there are a lot of people begin to choose to use a vacuum cleaner in cleaning, but also want to know the life of the vacuum cleaner is a must, is not to say that has been able to permanent to be used, sometimes not be damaged, and should be regularly replaced, to clean the room more clean, vacuum cleaner, how long does it take to change a, some people feel especially curious, at the same time for the vacuum cleaner is should understand how to maintain good.


How often is the vacuum changed?

1. the general vacuum cleaner in use process, if a vacuum cleaner at the back of the store content box 2-3 Catherine zhou once, the vacuum cleaner is generally used to dust collected and stored in the box, fixed the clean-up of a device if the vacuum cleaner in the process of using the number of used more frequently, and cleaner environment dirt/dust is more, then will be clear in time the vacuum cleaner storage box, before use with this kind of situation usually use after cleaning.


2. some dust suction vacuum box, can't avoid inhaling harmful insects such as eggs, so the eggs will reproduce after suction vacuum box, if it is not clear in time will affect the vacuum storage box of the surrounding environment health, so proposal is in commonly use a vacuum cleaner is clean up the dirty environment, should be timely clean up the dust collection, clean environment will not be around to avoid pollution.


How to maintain vacuum cleaner?

1. Before we use the vacuum cleaner, we should check whether the dust collecting bag (the dust collecting bag should be paid attention to whether there is any damage), the dust collecting box or the barrel is clean. If there is a foreign body or it is full, it should be emptied before use.Before use, also check the power cord and plug are not damaged, after the end of use, the power coil into a tie hanging on the head of the hook.


2. in the use process should pay attention to continuous use should not be too long, as far as possible to control within 2 hours.Lest cause motor to overheat, affect cleaner service life.In the process of use, if the dust is found to be close to full gear or there is a foreign body blocking the straw, it should be shut down immediately, clean up before use.


3. when using the vacuum cleaner, try to stay away from the water pump or strong radiation sources, because any electrical appliances themselves will have a certain amount of radiation.The brush of cleaner also should often check, check the wear condition of the brush, if serious wear, should replace in time.After use, the dirt in the dust collection bag should be promptly removed, the brush on the hair and line debris clean, with water or neutral detergent wet cloth wipe, and then in the sun naturally dry.


4. long-term use will cause the filter mesh mesh blockage and lead to suction decline.So should clean filter net and cloth bag with water regularly, place cool place after washing air is used again, can restore suction.

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