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How does a vacuum cleaner work?(1)

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Customized Purple HEPA Post Filter for Dyson V6 DC59 Vacuum Cleaner

Even if your house is clean, it is definitely dirty!That's because most of the dust and dirt in your house is too small to see.Fortunately, most of us can live without knowing this truth about our home;A quick lap with the vacuum cleaner is enough to keep us happy.The 21st century home is full of appliances and gadgets, but the vacuum cleaner is one of the few necessities most of us have in our lives.We all know about vacuuming, but how exactly do they work?So what makes a modern style cyclone different from an old-fashioned bag filter?Let's take a closer look!


Vacuum Cleaner or suction cleaner?


When you want to know how your machine works, the name "vacuum cleaner" comes out a bit: vacuum cleaners work by suction.(in fact, a "vacuum cleaner" is better than a "vacuum cleaner" because it doesn't involve actual vacuum.There is a difference in pressure, but there is no absolute vacuum.If you've ever tried this with a paper towel or comb, you know how effective vacuuming is.If not, try it now!Wrap a paper towel around the comb.Exhale as much as you can and hold your breath.Hold the comb and paper to your mouth.Now lean back in a dusty armchair and press your mouth and comb against it.Inhale quickly so that, effectively, you are breathing directly through the comb.Remove the comb from your mouth and examine the tissue.Look how dirty it is!


Now imagine what would happen if you could maintain this technique for hours and hours, like a vacuum cleaner.Eventually, dirt accumulates on the tissue, so that the air can't flow through it properly.Your ability to clean -- like a human vacuum cleaner -- will be severely impaired.This is a very important point: for a vacuum cleaner to work effectively, it must always maintain a strong airflow.If its bags are full or its filters are clogged, its airflow is greatly reduced and it does not raise dust.It's a problem that plagues just about every kind of vacuum cleaner - even the bagless cyclone, which is very popular these days.

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