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History of Vacuum Cleaner

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The original vacuum cleaner was a machine that absorbed dust and other dust from the carpeted living room floor with air pressure differences.It's easy to clean every corner of the room. When cleaning a spacious space, plug the power cord into a wall outlet, move it to the desired location, and suck up the dust.The structure is composed of suction inlet, engine, rotor, filter, dust box and exhaust appliance.The commutator motor is used to make the rotating body rotate more than 10,000 times, so that the vacuum state is formed inside, and dust or garbage is inhaled through the suction inlet.Inhaled dust, residue, etc are filtered in the filter, the air is discharged through the exhaust pipe.Suction design also varies according to the use of different places, it is very convenient to use.

In 1901, British inventor Cecil Booth invented the suction vacuum cleaner, But the vacuum cleaners that were invented were as big as a horse-drawn carriage.

In 1907, James Spangler of the United States invented a portable vacuum cleaner that inhaled dust.

In 1908, a relative of James, William Hoover, bought the rights from James and began selling them.

Since the 1960s, the most widely used vacuum cleaners suck in dust and collect it in garbage bags.

The types of vacuum cleaners that use dust bags are: horizontal, vertical, portable, cylinder, etc.

The horizontal vacuum cleaner is by far the most commonly used type of vacuum cleaner in the home, Made up of a mainframe, a straw, a tube, a brush, etc., it can suck in the dust on the surface, and it can sweep every corner, but the dust on the carpet is difficult to remove.

Vertical vacuum cleaner basically is used at the place such as the United States that often USES carpet and Europe, the dust on the carpet also can undertake clean sweep as a result of having rotating brush.

Portable vacuum cleaner, suitable for desk, lathe, suit and other dust collector, but dust collection is small, and because of the battery usage and use time is limited.However, with the improvement of technology and battery performance, the development of handheld vacuum cleaner is rapid, performance and accessories diversification has basically met the requirements of general family use, product design is also more and more advanced and refined with the change of the subsequent times.

The cylinder vacuum cleaner has a large dust collection capacity and can be used in the home, but it is mainly used in offices or shops, the disadvantage is large size, high noise.Development up to now, with the improvement of science and technology, greatly reduce the noise of the engine sound design.

In 1979, Britain's James dyson invented a vacuum cleaner that did not require a dust bag, using a centrifugal collector.The centrifuge method was developed after improvements in the use of bagged vacuum cleaners that reduced suction.Using the principle of centrifugal force, dust precipitation, air through the filter out, with the advantages of continuous suction and filter dust.

Subsequently, vacuum cleaners were invented for both vacuuming and water-cleaning filtration.The spray water is removed with water through the lower end of the brush, inhaled with dust, and entered the bucket installed on the main machine. After the dust sinks into the water, the air is inhaled through the motor and discharged through the filter.Can reduce the floating dust and so on, there is air purification function.

With the development of science and technology, using battery power, equipped with a variety of sensors such as ground sensors, cliff sensors, tire drop sensors and sensors with sensing obstacle conditions, autonomous use of programs or wireless control methods to move on the ground to remove dust or dust robot vacuum cleaner.

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