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HEPA high efficiency filter structure

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The structural development of HEPA high efficiency filters has evolved from a baffle air filter to a baffle free air filter.


In the 1940s, HEPA air filters used glass fiber filter paper as the filter medium, and aluminum partitions and frames were called "separator air filter."

HVAC 305X305X70


In the 1980s, due to the update of the HEPA filter paper pleating machine technology and the appearance of hot melt adhesives, a non-separator plate type high efficiency filter was produced.


The diaphragmless air filter has higher filtration accuracy and a smaller footprint than the diaphragm air filter. It is also easy for people to install, disassemble and replace.


The structure of the non-separator high-efficiency filter determines that it will be slightly lower than the high-efficiency filter with separator in terms of service life and air volume. But its inherent advantages also make it more and more widely used in all walks of life.


Based on the high-efficiency air filter without partitions, a V-type high-efficiency filter (also known as a "W" type high-efficiency filter) and a box-type separatorless air filter have been derived. These two derivatives now basically replace the original high-efficiency filter with a separator.


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