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For easier chores, choose a vacuum cleaner or a robot sweeper?

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  •   Vacuum cleaner is also called the vacuum cleaner, it is the use of motor driven blades rapid rotation, the production of negative pressure air cleaning equipment. Is mainly used to absorb the dust it was born, to avoid the spread of dust caused by people's respiratory system, damage. As technology constantly updated, Its use has gradually increased from absorbing dust to cleaning up debris

  • Sweeping robot is also called automatic cleaning machine,robot automatic cleaning machine, vacuum cleaner, etc., is a kind of intelligent household appliances, can rely on a certain amount of artificial intelligence, automatic floor cleaning work in the room. Generally using brushes and vacuum, the ground clutter to absorb into their own garbage first receive a case, so as to complete the function of the ground clean.

vacuum cleaner                                                                                                            Robot Vacuum Cleaner

*Traditional cleaner because working in a different way, 

not only have a wider range of USES, and the price is relatively cheaper.

*Intelligent operation mode to make sweeping robot pay more attention to detail, 

can be unattended sweep the room.

PK results

       1) in clean areas: the role of the traditional vacuum cleaner is beyond doubt, high-power guarantee super strong suction; But in terms of mute, power consumption of the robot vacuum cleaner has a more unique advantage.

       2) in terms of price relative household vacuum cleaner's price will be much cheaper, the price of the average household vacuum cleaner in 300-700 yuan between, basic can buy a good household cleaner product; And sweeping robot basically in 1000 yuan of above, part positioning slightly higher, or high-end intelligent robot products price will be in 2500 yuan of above.

      3) in terms of use: traditional vacuum cleaner and cleaning scope limited to the ground, also widely used in sofa, room, wardrobe, bed and automobile etc; And the name of the robot, its purpose is very clear: the main is to clean the ground, maintain the ground clean and tidy.

      4) in the aspects of principle: due to the great differences in the design concept, robots and sweeps the floor cleaner have bigger differences on the working principle, and the effect is also different. Of the robot, in cleaning up "sweep" and "absorption" two steps, more detailed works make sweeping robot for cleaning the ground more meticulous.

      5) in terms of use: when using a vacuum cleaner, must "guidance" by artificial carrying the suction vacuum cleaner to absorb the dust which place, must be always someone beside operation can be normal use; And sweep the floor is relatively more intelligent robots, which don't need people at work always beside for operation and maintenance, only need to set the input command before work.

Sum up

Traditional vacuum cleaner products and sweeping robot can bring many convenience to our life. Two products although there is a certain correlation, and application range have crossed, but overall they each have their own advantages and disadvantages, when the choose and buy good must consider their actual demand, purpose and budget. Safe enough, of course, if your budget, and also hopes that indoor cleaner, two products can be purchased at the same time, also won't have too much conflict, basically won't because of repeated shots, and cause waste.

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