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Extend the life of your vacuum cleaner

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  The emergence of vacuum cleaner makes people's life more convenient, become the standard configuration of many families, and a vacuum cleaner to what extent can meet the daily needs of people? It can enter the corner of the door, remove dust, absorb hair, and solve dust mites... These functions can be achieved, but in the process of use you need to pay attention to many points in order to better maintain the vacuum cleaner.


  • Barrel vacuum cleaner

Bucket vacuum cleaner is the commercial vacuum cleaner with the highest market share at present. It is mainly used for the filtration and collection of solid and liquid wastes on the ground or wall, unified treatment and cleaning, and is widely used in the cleaning of hotels, hotels, office buildings and other public places.Line of Barrel Type Vacuum Cleaner is Long in 10 Meters Left and Right Side, Need not Change Socket Frequently, Big Door Model is Used yo also Compare Save Trouble, Barrel Type Vacuum Cleaner can be Bibulous, Because this can be used in Toilet,Kitchen these Moist Environment.

Vacuum Cleaner

Tips to use:

1. Before cleaning or maintaining the body, the plug must be removed from the power socket to prevent accidental electric shock;

2, after each use, should check the dust box dust bag has no perforation or leakage, and use detergent and warm water to thoroughly clean the dust filter bag, the dust filter bag dry for the next use, it is forbidden to use non-dry dust filter bag;

3. When the dirt of the filter bag is serious, resulting in blockage, affecting the efficiency and suction of the dust, the filter bag should be replaced or cleaned in time;

4, do not use the bucket vacuum cleaner to suck the sticky liquid, because the sticky liquid will remain in the straw, dry and solidified will make the diameter of the straw hole smaller or even blocked;

5. Do not use vacuum cleaner continuously for a long time. It is best to control the continuous use within 2 hours, otherwise it will affect the service life.

  • Horizontal vacuum cleaner

The horizontal vacuum cleaner is a mini version of the bucket vacuum cleaner, or the home version, which has two wheels and looks like a car lying on the floor. When Cleaning, in addition to pulling the power cord, pulling the dust collection cylinder to go together, an inattentive may hit furniture, card.

Vacuum Cleaner

Tips to use:

1, there is no water where the use of horizontal vacuum cleaner, easy to cause motor damage;

2. Horizontal vacuum cleaner with dust bags. Dust bags are made of paper and cloth. Paper bags are disposable, inexpensive, easy to throw away but environmentally unfriendly, and have a filtration efficiency of only 60 percent. ; SMS composite non-woven fabric is the most commonly used fabric, which is often used in surgical gowns and surgical caps. It is highly bacteriophilic, breathable and impermeable to water and dust, and the filtration effect can reach 80%. The horizontal vacuum cleaner with cloth bag should be cleaned after each use. It is recommended to blow the dust clean by air.

3. When removing the dust bag or dust box, do not use brute force. When installing it, it should be installed in place for boot use.

4, dust-free bag of horizontal vacuum cleaner, dust in the dust bucket should be cleaned in time, it is recommended that when the dust accumulated to 2/3 of the dust bucket immediately stop cleaning, do not suck full still continue to use, after each use should clean the dust bucket, so as not to dust adsorption to the machine, blocking machine parts.

  • Wireless handheld vacuum cleaner

In recent years, with the development of science and technology, wireless handheld vacuum cleaner has gradually become the mainstream products in the market, and its market share is increasing year by year. The handheld vacuum cleaner can help us to effectively clean the floor, and can quickly switch between handheld and upright modes. It can easily clean up to the ceiling, down to the bed, and the doors and Windows in the middle. It is popular in modern families.

Vacuum Cleaner

Tips to use:

1. Before using the machine, check the dust collecting cylinder to see if there is uncleaned dirt inside. It should be cleaned in time to avoid dirt blocking the air duct and eroding the motor due to dampness;

2. Check whether the brush head is wound with hair, and timely cleaning can achieve better cleaning effect;

Vacuum Cleaner

3. If the vacuum cleaner is used for a long time, the filter screen should be cleaned or replaced. If it is cleaned, it must be used after natural air drying, so as not to cause short circuit of the machine;

4, in the process of use is generally recommended not to exceed two hours, long time use of the machine is easy to cause damage to the internal parts.

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