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Explain the advantages and disadvantages of the four filtering methods of vacuum cleaner

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At present the vacuum cleaner on the market is full of beautiful things in eyes, let consumer be immersed in the process that struggles inevitably in choosing really, it is to choose good-looking exterior?Or is the price more advantageous?Or is it more powerful?In fact, the selection of a vacuum cleaner has an important indicator, is to see the way he filters.


So before you pick one, make sure you know where your vacuum will go.Is dry?Wet?Wet and dry?Is it used at home or at work?


Because the vacuum cleaner of type of home and commercial use cleaner are in intensity still have distinction.Choose a good, suitable vacuum cleaner, when cleaning will get twice the result with half the effort.


1. Dust bag filtration: dust garbage is filtered through the dust bag in the machine.Generally speaking, the use of dust bag smell filter has something to clean convenient, do not need to clean every time.The disadvantage is that dust bags need to be replaced.More people choose disposable paper bags, more affordable.


2. Dust-cup filter: the dust-cup filter separates garbage and gas through the vacuum airflow of high-speed rotation of the motor, and then purifies the air through the HEPA filter to avoid secondary pollution.


Advantages do not often replace the dust bag, disadvantages after vacuuming to clean.The dust cup filter is the main filter way of vacuum cleaner at present, now most vacuum cleaners are to use the dust cup filter, it is also the upgrade of the dust bag filter.The dust cup filter is replaced less often than the dust bag.


3. Dust-cup and dust-bag in one: in short, the above two ways are combined into one.Dust cup can easily dump dust, suitable for daily cleaning, can be used repeatedly.Dust bag is more suitable for the use of cleaning, after the housework, do not need to clean, replace directly.


4. Water filtration: water filtration effect is beyond doubt, both dry and wet, can absorb conventional broken glass/nails/metal/food residue/sauce/drink/tea/leaves/dust and so on, is half of the vacuum cleaner is not competent.Water should be added for each use and cleaned after use.


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