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Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Filter Cleaning Method

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Dyson vacuum cleaner is a world famous vacuum cleaner, because the vacuum cleaner daily contact is garbage, dust and so on, so its cleaning maintenance is also very important.There are many methods and steps to clean the inner bladder of dyson vacuum cleaner, including appearance cleaning, odor removal, dust bag cleaning and filter cleaning, etc., let's see how to do it together!

一、Dyson vacuum cleaner filter cleaning method - appearance cleaning

Actually exterior cleanness is more easy, need to dip in the soft cloth that has soap water only commonly can be wiped, but 10 million cannot clean with organic solvent, lest exterior plastic crack, fade or drop lacquer, also cannot of course wait for hard thing to clean with steel wire ball, lest cause damage to airframe.

二、Dyson vacuum cleaner filter cleaning method - odor removal

The most annoying thing about a Dyson vacuum is the hot, stinky smell that comes out of the exhaust.Before using Dai Sen vacuum cleaner, can dip cotton in lemon juice, put in the dirt cylinder of Dai Sen vacuum cleaner, such, when you go to use this again "add material" Dai Sen vacuum cleaner goes vacuuming, not only peculiar smell in the room is all done not have, still can float the faint fragrance of lemon.

三、Dyson vacuum cleaner filter cleaning method - dust bag cleaning

The first step

Remove the dust from the bag, wash it with detergent, then rinse it with clean water and dry.If it is not dried and put inside the Dyson vacuum, when the Dyson vacuum is vacuumed again, the dust bag will be filthy.

The second step

The part that dyson vacuum cleaner adheres to the ground, besides brush, still can use toothpick or bamboo stick to take out entangled garbage, silk thread, hair and so on because adhesion is strong, only took them off with the hand.

四、Dyson vacuum cleaner filter cleaning method - filter cleaning

1. Flannelette filter

To the filter that makes filter medium with flannelette, after application cold water is cleaned, air is dried again, must not use hot water to wash bubble, also do not dry, can clog fine hole otherwise, the suction force when influencing vacuuming.

2. Paper filter

The filter with filter paper as the filter medium, can be used to brush the dust on the filter paper, brush the dust to be careful and careful, do not brush the filter paper bad.

And that's how dyson vacuum cleaner tank cleaning method by Nanjing Blue Sky Filter Co.,Ltd .Hope to help, if you want more information about vacuum cleaners, please stay with Nanjing Blue Sky Filter Co.,Ltd.

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