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Does the vacuum cleaner work?

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Vacuum cleaner is divided into 3 kinds commonly: bucket type vacuum cleaner, horizontal type vacuum cleaner, hand-held type vacuum cleaner.They are used in different places.The vacuum cleaner is generally the use of motor drive impeller high-speed rotation, so that the dust collection room to form a local vacuum.The air pressure difference is formed between the dust collector and the outdoor dust collector, and the dust is inhaled into the dust collector together with the airflow. After filtration, the dust is retained in the dust collector and the clean air is discharged.

How to buy a good vacuum cleaner


1. Strong suction.The unit of suction is represented by the degree of vacuum.The greater the vacuum, the greater the suction.It's usually expressed as pa.About 27Kpa for household use is better.Low suction is not enough.Too much is wasteful.The handheld type is usually up to 16Kpa.Go shopping when buying had better look for to have to do spot bibulous column to absorb bowling to vacuum those who demonstrate more intuitional.

2. Eliminate secondary pollution.The dust that is inhaled did not filter effectively clean cause secondary pollution is a big invisible killer of cleaner!


3.Look at the filter material of the vacuum cleaner exhaust.

  • Sponge: worst filter

  • Activated carbon filter: can increase the adsorption of dust, but the hole is larger filter general.

  • Baijie cloth: texture is more rigorous, is a more economical material, performance better than the first 2.

  • HEPA filtration: high precision filter mesh adsorption is strong, is the best filtering materials.

  • Composite paper dust bag: double layer filter can effectively improve dust filtration rate, but the cost is too high.Advantages of convenient use dust full can be thrown away without cleaning.

4.Look at air purification and sterilization technology.Electrostatic dust, HEPA dust purification, activated carbon adsorption, photocatalyst (need sunlight to regenerate), cold catalyst (natural regeneration) recommended!Formaldehyde catalyzed decomposition.


5. Multi-suction nozzle is equipped.See if the suction nozzle is suitable for your cleaning needs.Of course, the more fully equipped for the occasion.

6.Steam brush head. Smart cleaner.

 Add a small amount of water in the brush head of cleaner, the heater inside brush head heats its generation steam, use the high temperature of steam to undertake eliminating bacterium, can remove the stubborn besmear such as grease stain coffee stain more easily, and brush head is attached a dishcloth, can suck the edge to brush, complete clean process once.

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