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Blue Sky Filter Customized Air Conditioning Dust Removal HVAC H13 H14 HEPA Air Filter

  • BS1278

  • Blue Sky Filters

  • 8421991000



Product Details of HVAC Filters

Part Name            Customized Air Conditioning Dust Removal Aluminum Frame Industry Laminar Air Flow Hood HVAC H13 H14 Air Filte
Part NO.  BS1278
Sizes  20x24x2inches  20x20x2inches  24x24x12 inches
Colour   Silver (Customized)
Structures  Aluminum or Iron Frame
Filtering Efficiency Grade  H13 H14 HEPA Filter (Customized)
Special Properties  Aluminum Profile Frame Has High Strength, Good Toughness and is Not Easy to Accumulate Dust
Packaging  (Customized)

Product Material

High Efficiency Filter Paper, Metal Mesh, Plastic Frame, Aluminum Frame, Wood Frame, Sealing Ring

Product Appearance

Panel Filter, Box Filter, V Bank Filter, Pocket Filter

Product Function

Ventilation System for Air Filtration

Product Standard

with Cardboard, without Cardboard


Air Filtration for Commercial and Industrial Ventilation Systems and Air Conditioning Systems

Customized Service

Appearance Customization

Material, Efficiency, Size, Color, Packaging, Printing, Logo, Customized According to Customer Needs, Free Design Services, etc.

Process Customization

High Temperature Resistance, Hot Stamping, Indentation, Antibacterial, Flame Retardant, etc.

Selling Points

High Efficiency, High Quality, High Cost Performance, Factory Direct Sales, Quality Assurance, Development and Customization

Cardboard HEPA Filter

High Efficiency, Low Resistance, Large Dust Capacity, Large Filtration Area, High Temperature Resistance

Glass Fiber Filter Material: Fold Number is Dense, Filter Area is Large, High Efficiency, Large Air Volume

Aluminum Frame: High Temperature Resistance, Corrosion Resistance, Durable, No Deformation

Aluminum Cardboard: Resistance to High Temperature and Moisture

Paper Cardboard: Good Air Permeability, Cost-Effective

without Cardboard HEPA Filter

High Efficiency, Thin Thickness, Low Resistance, Light Weight, Small Volume, Large Filtration Area

Filter Media: Ultrafine Glass Fiber Filter Paper

Frame: Aluminum Alloy Frame, Galvanized Iron Frame, Stainless Steel Frame, Plastic Frame

Hepa Filter Application

1. Clean Room Fresh Air Conditioning System, Dust Free Workshop Air Outlet Final Stage Filtration

2. High Efficiency Air Outlet and Other Air Purification Equipment in the Main Filter

3. Widely Used in Electronics, Optics, Semiconductor, Surface Treatment, Coating, Chemical, Biopharmaceutical, Hospital, Automotive Industry and Other Fields

4. Commercial and Domestic Air Purification Final Stage Filtration

Blue Sky Filters

HVAC System Air Filters

Blue Sky Filters

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*This is not a OEM product. The brand names and logos are the registered trademarks of their respective owners. Any use of the brand names or model designations for this product are made solely for purposes of demonstrating compatibility!

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Why Choose Us of Box HEPA Filter

Nanjing Blue Sky Filter Co.,Ltd.

Nanjing Blue Sky Filter Co., Ltd. was founded in 2009. Blue Sky manufactures and sells various types of air filters and has expanded the product range to water filtration products, kitchen filtration products, and automotive filtration products etc. The company's products are exported to international markets of 48 countries.

Since its establishment, Nanjing Blue Sky Filter Co., Ltd. has steadily grown and has obtained ISO9001 and ISO14001 certifications. Blue Sky has been recognized as a National High-Tech Enterprise and hold multiple 8patents and quality inspection reports. Blue Sky boasts a modern standardized workshop, advanced production equipment, well-designed production lines, strict quality control, and a management system to ensure that customers receive the best cooperation and service. All true high-efficiency filters are produced in a standardized dust-free workshop. We also have a comprehensive and advanced testing laboratory to ensure the high-quality performance of HEPA filters.


Blue Sky’s filtration products are produced with various environmentally friendly materials and advanced production facilities to meet customized specifications and some special requirements. Blue Sky’s filtration products strictly adhere to domestic and international standards, such as EN779 and EN1822 etc.

Blue Sky’s technical team excels in developing various new filtration products for many appliances and machines, residential, commercial, and industrial applications. 


Blue Sky has a well-trained, highly qualified team of engineers and a sales team dedicated to market and customer service. We provide integrated services to customers worldwide, not only offering mature filtration products but also designing and developing new filtration products for our customers. We are confident that with our production capabilities and experience, we can help customers gain a competitive advantage.


Blue Sky‘s motto is to be a eco-friendly and sustainable company, providing customers with competitive high-quality filter products, and growing together!

Why Choose Us

1、Integrated Manufacturing and Logistics: Offers comprehensive services from production to shipment.

2、Extensive Product Line: Covers air, water, kitchen, and automotive filtration products.

3、International Quality Certifications: Holds ISO9001, ISO14001 certifications, and multiple patents.

4、Customized Services: Provides customized solutions for special specifications and requirements.

5、Global Service: Products are exported to more than 45 countries and areas, with rich international service experience.

6、Advanced Production Facilities: Standardized dust-free workshops and strict quality control.

7、Continuous Innovation: Constantly developing new products to maintain technological leadership.

8、Professional Team: Well-trained engineers and sales team offering support.

9、Eco-friendly and Sustainable: Committed to using environmentally friendly materials and sustainable development.

10、High Customer Loyalty: Quality products and services earn customer trust.

HVAC Air Filters

HVAC FiltersHEPA Filter Manufacturer

FAQ of 24x24X12 Air Filters

1. Can the product be customized?

Yes, both the product and the packaging can be customized.

2. How to pay?

Our company accepts various ways of payment, such as T/T , L/C etc.

3. How long is the delivery time?

It depends on the order quantity. USually it takes about 30 days to produce a full 20' container.

4. Do you arrange the shipment?

Yes, our company can arrange the shipment to deliver the goods according to the client's customer's requirements.

5. What about the after-sales service?

Our company is responsible for the supplied product within its usage life.

Please feel free to send your designs and samples for our company to cooperate with you!

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According to the Properties and Shapes

According to the Use

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