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How to clean your vacuum filter?(1)

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Remember the time you turned on the vacuum cleaner and started cleaning the carpet in your house, but you didn't know why the room smelled worse than it did at first?This may be because you've neglected to clean the vacuum itself.It's an ironic chore to clean something that's been designed to clean, but ask yourself, when was the last time you cleaned a broom?Clean your toothbrush?Or washing machines and dishwashers?Is there anything else you haven't cleaned?Today, we're going to focus on that smelly vacuum cleaner, and in particular how to clean the various filters to ensure the service life and efficiency of this frequently used gadget.


Cleaning vacuum filter is very important thing, cleaning filter can make it maintain strong suction, help effectively remove dirt and debris.Clogged filters can seriously affect the performance of vacuum cleaners.We recommend checking and cleaning filters when emptying bins.Depending on how often you clean, it's also important to change the filter every six to nine months.Keep your vacuum cleaner unobstructed to ensure a top vacuum cleaning system.


Let's start with all the types of vacuum cleaners you might have at home, and the filters you might encounter the most:


The vacuum you use every day: it might have a bag, it might have a foam filter without a bag, it might have a hepa filter.

Hand-held vacuum cleaner: usually a small bagless filter cartridge

Workshop vacuum cleaner: usually equipped with a large cartridge filter, filter bag, reusable disc filter, or foam sleeve


Here are some basic things to keep in mind:


Regular cleaning of the filter can absolutely extend the service life of the filter;The manufacturer recommends that you replace your filters regularly, but this is not always necessary.


The HEPA filter is an exception.Made from tightly woven materials, clean hepa filters can damage fibers, making them less effective at blocking tiny allergens.Buy a high quality replacement filter from the manufacturer for best assurance.

Vacuuming is more than just monitoring filters, but clogged filters and dirty parts can add pressure to the motor, which can affect the life of the device.

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