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How about a steam mop?

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Advantages of steam mop:

1. High-temperature sterilization 120 ℃ steam sterilization.

2. Oil removal can quickly dissolve stubborn oil, cleaning is not difficult.

3. Ironing and dry-cleaning function enables clothes to be ironed upright to achieve functions of dry cleaning, dust removal and sterilization.

4. Environmental protection only need to use water, no pollution to the environment, no scraping of the product.

5. It can turn water into steam in a few minutes without using detergent or chemicals. It can clean and disinfect all kinds of materials efficiently and quickly.

6. Descaling saves labor and does not need to rub laborious, will not cause any damage to the surface of the thing to be cleaned, completely eliminate grease, odor, peculiar smell, lime deposit, soap scum, mold, old mark, calcium mark and other dirt.

7. Healthy living high temperature steam kills dust mites, e. coli and salmonella, creating a cleaner, healthier living environment for you and your family.

8. Multifunctional cleaning supplies, household supplies cleaning, sterilization, disinfection and other can be completed at the same time, completely remove the family health troubles and problems, is the almighty family cleaning experts.

9. Simple operation, equipped with a variety of nozzles and brush, can be flexibly applied to a variety of occasions.

10. Green environmental protection, without any chemical agent, no pollution, can replace the traditional cleaning agent, is an environmental protection cleaning products;Installing different components can also be used for other purposes.

11. Have high temperature sterilization, disinfection effect, can clean almost all things.

12. The functions of ironing and dry cleaning, vertical ironing, dry cleaning and dust removal for clothes, one machine for multiple purposes.

13. Large, strong, long, large capacity, strong pressure, steam continuous long.

14. With anti - dry burning and automatic power off function.

Steam mop is to use high temperature steam to undertake cleanness to the floor, decontrol, disinfection and antiseptic, make a bedroom safer, healthier, after using, the water that remains on the floor is very little, can evaporate very quickly, because the bibulous property of steam mop is extremely strong and clean extremely easily.Before use, need to sweep the rubbish of a bit bigger on the floor only with broom, can use steam mop to mop the ground directly next, operation is very simple, environmental protection, won't cause 2 times pollution to the floor.In addition, because steam cleanness has osmotic force, can remove the dirt in the corner crevices that vacuum cleaner and sweeping robot place cannot touch, make clean job more thorough.

Steam mop is in kitchen, toilet dead Angle can have twice the result with half the effort.

Triangle Stripe Steaming Mop Pads for Shark S3500 Steam

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